Monday, July 19, 2010


Hello, readers!! This is Abbie reporting in again for some special news: this is my 1,000th post! I love my blog and really appreciate all of my faithful followers. My following may be small, but it truly means a lot that you all stop by to read my ramblings. I am planning a funner post about my blog for when I return, and in the meantime, here is David again:

Hello, faithful readers. This past weekend, I had the pleasure to chaperone my two nieces and one nephew. They are generally delightful kids, but I was still a little worried that the evening would proceed like this (click image to enlarge):Luckily, there were no youthful rebellions, although Emma did get a little nervous when I added a non-macaroni type of pasta to the macaroni and cheese.

My greatest triumph of the evening was getting this young lady to sleep at a decent hour.When Sarah and Steve returned home, I was able to proudly proclaim my success. "She has been slumbering deeply for about an hour," I smugly stated. My assertion was punctuated by the pattering of the small feet of the young lady in question, who had evidently decided to make me look the fool.


Sarah said...

Ha ha! Awake children or no, we really appreciated your babysitting!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying being able to read your blog again. For some reason I have been being kicked out and unable to keep up with you. I am back with you via my retirement gift to myself of a new computer.

Anonymous said...

RORO said keep babysitting--it will give you lots of experience when your kids come along---pets are different than kids!

Kathy said...

1,000 posts--Gosh, Abbie, that's amazing and impressive! I have certainly enjoyed your blog all these years.