Thursday, July 01, 2010

This is why desserts don't last long in our house

I made a delicious pan of brownies to celebrate today's event, but did not follow up my cooking with appropriate vigilance. 1.3 seconds after setting the brownies on the stove to cool, I turned around to set down my potholder. During that time, Abbie ghosted behind me and left this scene of destruction in her wake:
The next two hours involved each of us trying to sneak bites while the other wasn't looking, and now all that is left is a slender rim around the outside. Oh well; if they're gone already, perhaps we just need to make another batch tomorrow!


Kathy said...

You should introduce Abbie to the handy way your family of origin shared brownies! I love the subject "stealth"!

Jules said...

Hahaha that's how it goes with ice cream in my house!!

Also, David, those brownies look delish! If you make another batch feel free to send some my way :)