Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Happy late Memorial day weekend!!! Thanks to all of our veterans for making it possible for me to celebrate memorial day weekend!

This weekend was a ton of fun. On Friday evening, my parents came and saw our new house for the first time. They loved it and we had a lot of fun. Then, on Saturday, a bunch of our other family members and friends drove in for a housewarming/graduation party. We got Jack Stack BBQ and had a blast. On Sunday, I went shopping and to see Sex and the City 2:
The movie was very fun! Nothing great, as far as movies go, and I think that the first was certainly better, but it was a fun flick. The clothes were amazing and I loved the scenery while they were in the U.A.E.

On Monday, I caught up on a little bar studying and David and I grilled. The food was delicious and the sun was nice and hot. Perfect weather for Memorial Day!!


Kathy said...

I watched Julie and Julia yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. I couldn't stand Julie in the book, but luckily for her, the movie made her seem nice. Since the book is autobiographical, I have a feeling that if I met her in person, I wouldn't like her at all!

Danielle said...

I totally agree with you about SATC2. David and I were talking about it while we were at your house, and I told him it wasn't that great, but I obviously didn't want to ruin it for you! I just didn't think it was as fast-paced and witty as the series and the first movie... It just kind of dragged on. But Steve liked it even better than the first movie, so who knows! haha