Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hello, loyal readers of Abbie's blog! I am her devoted husband, David, who is taking up the reins of Chick in the Czech while she studies like mad for the bar exam.

In this post, let me help you set your expectations for this blog over the next month:

  • Fun Thing Friday will continue to be a weekly feature.
  • Paco may be featured more heavily than he sometimes has been.
  • Lengthy discussion of actuarial science and mortality table trends!*
  • My erstwhile blog, Only Palaver, has fallen by the wayside several times as I have run out of steam. I will make a monstrous effort to maintain my steam over the next month.
  • I may regale you with tales of my budding cooking skills, which are, unfortunately, still negligible.
I hope you enjoy the adventures we will have over the next few weeks as much as me.

*Mortality tables may not actually appear as often as some of us might wish.


Kathy said...

Of course I love Abbie's posts, but I am also looking forward to reading yours, because one cannot have too much knowledge of actuarial science these days. I hope Fun Thing Friday will be about the musical at the Starlight Theater every week! Could anything be more fun?!

Danielle said...

I'm sure whatever you post will be entertaining, David! :-)

Anonymous said...

RORO said can't we please se at least one mortality table????