Friday, June 04, 2010

Fun Thing Friday: Barbri

Okay. This is not fun. This post is really a selfish post, so that when I start writing about how sad/mad/horrible/goofus/crazy Barbri is, you will know what I mean.

Barbri is the bar review course that I am taking, along with probably 90% of other law graduates who are taking the bar in July. So far, quite frankly, it has not been very much fun. They put the worst subjects first, like commercial paper. What is commercial paper? Apparently it is a check or a note. Yesterday I was studying it in a coffee shop with my friend and I said, "DUDE. Did you know that if you sign the back of your check you can just GIVE it to someone else and they can just take it and have it? I JUST learned something new." She was like, "um yeah, duh, doofy. You didn't learn did that ALL The time when you gave your signed checks to your mom to cash for you."


Here are the good things about studying:
- I can make my husband wait on me saying, "I NEED TO STUDY" whenever I see a job that needs to be completed.

That's it.

So you can imagine that my summer days are going to be REALLY fun.

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Julie said...

Haha booo for "not so fun thing friday", but it will be so wonderful when the big exam is behind you. I know you will do great!!