Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fresh flowers

One of my favorite things is fresh flowers. I love them. When I was little, I always went home with a huge bouquet of freshly cut flowers from my grandma's house.

I bought these flowers from Target on Thursday night for a pretty decoration in our house. I just adore the orange-peach color and it is the perfect little bit of brightness for our kitchen.

Do you ever indulge in flowers for your home?


Mrs. Haid said...

Target sells fresh flowers!? Wow!

My goal is to have fresh flowers in our house all year around. That means $$ can't be tight! Thoughts like this motivate me to start spending wiser so we can be rich one day!

Kathy said...

I dearly love having fresh flowers in my house throughout the summer and fall. I always pick them from my yard and have them in little vases throughout the house, where they give me so much pleasure.