Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today is a red-letter day: my lovely wife and I tied the knot three years ago today. So far, marital life has been quite enjoyable, and I have a suspicion that the next 87 years will be just as happy. When we attend weddings these days, Abbie and I always discuss our plan to win those dance-offs where couples remain dancing longer the longer they have been married.

To commemorate this day, here are my two favorite photos from our wedding day.
Here we are enjoying our first dance, which was Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World."

And I love this picture! I have no idea why we look so irate, but it doesn't seem to have lasted too long:Happy anniversary, Abbie!


Kate said...

Happy anniversary to you both! That irate picture cracks me up :-D (There's one from my wedding that was taken in the middle of all the portraits, where it's just me glaring and pointing off in the distance - I think I was showing Mom where Dad was or something like that, but it comes across as total Bridezilla control freak! hehe)

Danielle said...

Aww, congrats and happy anniversary to you guys! :-)

Kathy said...

That is a funny picture where Abbie appears to be looking daggers at someone! I love the dance picture.

Justine said...

HAHA! Thanks so much David for posting the angry picture. Hilarious break from the bar review video. :)

Anonymous said...

RORO said Happy Anniversary too!