Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rocheport weekend: Lunch and Learn and antiquing

We arrived in Rocheport on Saturday morning. We could not check into our bed and breakfast/cabin (more on that later) until 3 p.m., so we decided to check out the antique shops in the area. The shops were really cute and I felt like a lot of the merchandise was a good deal! I almost bought some cute topiaries but decided against it when I thought that David and I should go to Rocheport together in the future and pick out stuff together (sounds like David's dream weekend! (Ha. Ha.)).
After that, we headed to the Yates House where we were scheduled for a Lunch and Learn, a little class where the proprietor of the bed and breakfast cooks a lunch for the guests and then serves the food. The cost was $20 a person. We had ham and cheese paninis, tomato bisque, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Overall the cooking was very delicious, although there was much less "learning" than I thought...when we signed up for the class I thought that each person would literally make their own meal, but that was not the case. The proprietor had everything made except one sandwich (which I promptly messed up because I requested no cheese or mayo on it). She also showed us how to make the soup. Overall, the soup and cookie was delicious and the sandwich was pretty good. For $20, I probably wouldn't do it again on my own (but would still go if I had a group going), mostly because I enjoy cooking and like to try it myself when I'm being "taught". We were able to see the Yates house bed and breakfast part and it looked great...everything was spotless. I would definitely consider staying there if David and I ever go.

The Yates House
305 Second Street
Rocheport, MO 65279
(573) 698-2129

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Kathy said...

I dearly loved my sandwich. I guess yours wasn't as good because it was missing the cheese and mayonnaise! I agree about the price, though.