Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rocheport weekend: Les Bourgeois and present exchange

After the lunch and learn, we decided to talk a little bit and then exchange presents. A while ago, someone suggested that we all make handcrafted items and exchange them. David's family is full of really talented crafters and I could see where it was headed considering my law school finals schedule, work, and studying for the bar. So I decided to buy bath bombs to save anybody from having to open something thrown together. I think that everybody liked them anyway and we got two beautiful aprons, a decorative bird, a decoupage candle holder, personalized wine glasses, and a jar full of M&Ms. Perfect!
After that we went to Les Bourgeois for a wine tasting and dinner. The wine tasting was a bit hurried because Les Bourgeois wasn't clear on where it was located and we showed up to the restaurant. By that time, we were too late to go to the wine tasting location, so we had a hurried tasting before dinner started. A few things:
- Les Bourgeois has always had trouble making it clear where the tasting would take place because I have been with another group and the same mistake was made. It doesn't help that their signs to the restaurant also say, "Wine Tasting", when they want you to go to a different part of the winery.
- the food was pretty good...I think that they are trying to make the Blufftop Bistro a more "high end" restaurant and I've been there recently for lunch as well. When we were there for lunch, we had to send our dessert back because it was so burnt. Our supper was very good, and I had the salmon with risotto, but (in my opinion) the food wasn't the best for the price. I can think of places that had better salmon in Columbia and places that have wayyyy better food in Kansas City for the same price. But then again, what can you expect...the view is gorgeous and maybe that is for what we were paying.
Overall our supper was fun and I think that everybody enjoyed the tasting! We headed back to our bed and breakfast. I'm going to write an entirely separate post for that experience.
Les Bourgeois Vineyards
14020 W. Highway BB
Rocheport, MO 65279

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Kathy said...

Abbie, I am really enjoying reliving our fun weekend through your blog! I'm glad you took all these pictures to share with us.