Saturday, May 08, 2010

Le Peep: Overland Park

Today I went to eat at Le Peep in Overland Park. It was pretty tasty. I got bacon, sausage and gravy with a biscuit, and potatoes. Everything was pretty good but I would say that the experience was better than IHOP but the biscuits and gravy did not come close Bob Evans's for taste. My cappuccino was delicious. It was creamy and served in a fun mug. Our waiter was so friendly and helpful.

The weirdest thing about Le Peep was the decor in the lobby. They decorated with a bunch of these dolls, so they watched patrons while they were waiting for a table.


Honestly, these dolls kind of creep me out sometimes. I know they are really expensive and collectible, but maybe not the best choice for restaurant decor?

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Sarah said...

We've been there before and I remember those dolls. One time I saw a segment on some show about how people buy realistic looking dolls and treat them like real babies. Those dolls aren't exactly the same, but they remind me of the creepiness of that.