Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh my.

Yesterday I was ho humming along, just doing nothing much, making our bed, when all of a sudden I heard very loud meows. "Oh cute," I thought, "Thorina is in the garage and she wants inside. She's so smart. She figured out that if she meows I'll let her back in. How cute! Oh hum...dooodle de doo, let the cat in the house and OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THAT?"
Cradled in her mouth was a LIZARD. A liz. ard. I immediately screamed so loudly that I am pretty sure that the neighbors heard me. And then I called David. HE DID NOT ANSWER.

What time was it? Why, it was about 3 p.m. on a Thursday. Guess what time that is for is snack day at his work. MY HUSBAND SCREENS MY CALLS DURING SNACK DAY. That is another issue for another time, but he refuses to answer the phone during his snack day. I always think of his pulling it out, thinking, "oh it is just Abbie" and then putting the phone back into his pocket.

Well, this time, I sent him a picture of this and wrote, "Please all me back!!!!!!!! Bbb help me!!!!!!"That meant in wife language, "Call me back RIGHT NOW because I know you are in snack day and screening my calls and your feline has just begun batting a LIVE LIZARD around my house!"
Still no call back. So then I decided to text my friend Jancin like any rational adult would, while I was up on a chair in my house. I wrote, "Omg. thorina just brought a lizar in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do i do?!?!!?!?!?!?"

She wrote back, "Play with it!"


I know, I know. I know what you are thinking. Why, Abbie, you have a champion dog in your home! soon as he gets wind of the lizard he will protect you!

Well, in case you were thinking that, let me please just show you what my dog was doing while the lizard was running around my dining room:
Yes, that's right. Sitting on the couch, lounging around, thinking about his next nap.

By this time, the cat had dismembered the lizard so I was pretty sure it was dead. Then she began to eat it:
So, you can pretty much suppose that I spent last night cleaning up cat lizard vomit from the floors.

The end.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

One of my favorite music videos and songs

I have always loved this song. I'm not sure why.

I also love the music video. I love how it is so interesting throughout the entire thing, so creative, and how it is set in Tokyo. It reminds me of something that my favorite band of all time, The Beatles, would make if they were still making music today.

What are some of your favorite music videos?

Rocheport weekend: Bed and Bikefest

My last post will be about our bed and breakfast experience at Rocheport. We stayed at the Katy Trail Bed and Bikefest Inn. We had our own personal cabin. In order to get into the cabin, we had a code to punch into the door. This will be important later.

Anyway, we decided to "check in" to the cabin at 3 p.m. on Saturday, meaning we just punched the code into the door. When we walked into the cabin, we realized that it had not yet been cleaned from the other guests. There were dishes in the sink, the beds were not made, and it was in a general state of disarray. So, David's aunt called the owners, one of which answered, profusely apologized, and then said that she would call the cleaning service and call back. About 5 minutes later, the cleaning service arrived. We left the house.

Later, we came back and the house was clean and we prepared for dinner. We left for dinner and as soon as the door closed David's aunt realized that we didn't have the sheet of paper with the code on it. None of us remembered the code, but no problem, we just figured that we'd call the owners. But the owners didn't answer, so we just left messages.

Three hours later, after we had finished our wine tasting and dinner, the owners still had not called back. I tried calling, David's aunt tried just guessing the code, but nothing worked. We sat outside our cabin for 10-15 minutes before David's mom decided to try to see if anybody else was staying at another bed and breakfast cabin and had our code. Guess what? They did. We tried that code and got into the cabin.

When we got into the cabin we realized that the air conditioner had frozen over. One of the pipes was almost comically a block of ice. It was white and cold. Keep in mind that the owners had not called us back from when we were locked out of the cabin, so we attempted to fan the air conditioner, open windows, whatever it took to make it cooler in the cabin.

In the process of this, one of the circuit breakers went out and electricity was lost in a bathroom and half the kitchen.

It sounds like a crazy story, but we were really okay and just happy to be out of the mosquitoes outside. Eventually, the air conditioner unfroze and we were able to go to sleep. Also, later, someone fixed the circuit breaker. But, throughout this process, we still had not heard from the owners, who I don't think knew that we had gotten back into the cabin.

During the course of the weekend we had long discussions about good customer service. When a company makes a mistake, the worst thing that can happen is for them to deny the mistake to the customer.

On Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m., the owners of the bed and breakfast called David's aunt and profusely apologized. They were at a family wedding, they didn't have their phones, etc. They listened about what had happened, from being locked out, to the air conditioner going out, to the issues about the breaker. And then they said that they would refund all of our money and offered David's aunt a free night's stay in their bed and breakfast in the future. They said that they would stay closer to their phones in the future and try to answer calls.

I think that they handled it in the best way possible. They messed up. When you are in the bed and breakfast/hotel business, you have got to have someone on call to answer phones in the event of a complaint. What if something had really gone wrong, like the bathroom flooded? There is no two ways about it.

But what really rectified the situation is that they handled their mistake well. They admitted that it was their fault and offered above and beyond what we had been expecting in return for the trouble. They had good customer service.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I think that it was semi-cheap and I doubt that other people had issues like us. So, here is the information:

Katy Trail Bed and Bikefest
101 Lewis Street
Rocheport, MO 65279
(573) 698- BIKE

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rocheport weekend: Les Bourgeois and present exchange

After the lunch and learn, we decided to talk a little bit and then exchange presents. A while ago, someone suggested that we all make handcrafted items and exchange them. David's family is full of really talented crafters and I could see where it was headed considering my law school finals schedule, work, and studying for the bar. So I decided to buy bath bombs to save anybody from having to open something thrown together. I think that everybody liked them anyway and we got two beautiful aprons, a decorative bird, a decoupage candle holder, personalized wine glasses, and a jar full of M&Ms. Perfect!
After that we went to Les Bourgeois for a wine tasting and dinner. The wine tasting was a bit hurried because Les Bourgeois wasn't clear on where it was located and we showed up to the restaurant. By that time, we were too late to go to the wine tasting location, so we had a hurried tasting before dinner started. A few things:
- Les Bourgeois has always had trouble making it clear where the tasting would take place because I have been with another group and the same mistake was made. It doesn't help that their signs to the restaurant also say, "Wine Tasting", when they want you to go to a different part of the winery.
- the food was pretty good...I think that they are trying to make the Blufftop Bistro a more "high end" restaurant and I've been there recently for lunch as well. When we were there for lunch, we had to send our dessert back because it was so burnt. Our supper was very good, and I had the salmon with risotto, but (in my opinion) the food wasn't the best for the price. I can think of places that had better salmon in Columbia and places that have wayyyy better food in Kansas City for the same price. But then again, what can you expect...the view is gorgeous and maybe that is for what we were paying.
Overall our supper was fun and I think that everybody enjoyed the tasting! We headed back to our bed and breakfast. I'm going to write an entirely separate post for that experience.
Les Bourgeois Vineyards
14020 W. Highway BB
Rocheport, MO 65279

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What goes around comes around....

My husband has been in charge of cooking this week (ahem, for one day so far) because I have to study for the bar rather than cook at night. He has graciously accepted this new challenge and hand-selected delicious recipes from magazines. He went to the store and bought the ingredients for everything. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive at first about his cooking because he just doesn't have very much cooking experience.

Last night he made very tasty bean and corn burritos, and I was very impressed. Tonight, he is getting home later from work, so I thought I'd assist him by heating up some tortillas in the oven so we could have leftovers. That didn't turn out so well:

Now who is the amateur?

Rocheport weekend: Lunch and Learn and antiquing

We arrived in Rocheport on Saturday morning. We could not check into our bed and breakfast/cabin (more on that later) until 3 p.m., so we decided to check out the antique shops in the area. The shops were really cute and I felt like a lot of the merchandise was a good deal! I almost bought some cute topiaries but decided against it when I thought that David and I should go to Rocheport together in the future and pick out stuff together (sounds like David's dream weekend! (Ha. Ha.)).
After that, we headed to the Yates House where we were scheduled for a Lunch and Learn, a little class where the proprietor of the bed and breakfast cooks a lunch for the guests and then serves the food. The cost was $20 a person. We had ham and cheese paninis, tomato bisque, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Overall the cooking was very delicious, although there was much less "learning" than I thought...when we signed up for the class I thought that each person would literally make their own meal, but that was not the case. The proprietor had everything made except one sandwich (which I promptly messed up because I requested no cheese or mayo on it). She also showed us how to make the soup. Overall, the soup and cookie was delicious and the sandwich was pretty good. For $20, I probably wouldn't do it again on my own (but would still go if I had a group going), mostly because I enjoy cooking and like to try it myself when I'm being "taught". We were able to see the Yates house bed and breakfast part and it looked great...everything was spotless. I would definitely consider staying there if David and I ever go.

The Yates House
305 Second Street
Rocheport, MO 65279
(573) 698-2129

The Sweet Guy

After enjoying a delicious dinner at Waldo pizza, we headed over to The Sweet guy for gelato. I've also had the chocolates there and everything is always delicious. The chocolates are literally works of art with interesting patterns and colors. The gelato was delicious as well. I tried the toffee crunch, which did not seem very full of toffee. The strawberry was absolutely amazing and I also liked the chocolate wedding cake and cookies and cream flavors (don't worry, I did not buy five flavors, but tried everybody's gelato in our party). Overall, I thought it was a delicious experience.

The Sweet Guy
7439 Broadway Street, Kansas City -

(816) 361-9500

David's sister and I were wondering what the difference is between ice cream and gelato, so I looked it up. This is from wikipedia:

Gelato differs from ice cream in that it has a lower butterfat content, typically gelato contains 4-8% versus 14% for ice cream. Gelato generally has slightly lower sugar content, averaging between 16-22% versus approximately 21% for ice cream. Non-fat milk is added as a solid. The sugar content in gelato is precisely balanced with the water content to act as an anti-freeze, that is, to prevent the gelato from freezing solid. The types of sugar used are sucrose and dextrose and invert sugar to control the apparent sweetness. Typically, gelato and Italian sorbet contain a stabilizing base. Egg yolks are used in yellow custard-based gelato flavors, including zabaione and creme caramel.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Waldo Pizza

We went to Waldo pizza for dinner and it was delicious. I've been to Waldo pizza a few times and always have a great experience. My favorite is the Waldo Combo on Honey Wheat crust. Delicious. Waldo Pizza often runs good specials and everybody is always so friendly whenever I go.
Waldo Pizza
7433 Broadway Street
Kansas City, MO 64114-1529
(816) 363-5242

What other pizza places should we try?

Rocheport weekend

This weekend was a fun weekend. I went with David's family on a girls' weekend to Rocheport, Missouri. This week I want to review our experiences and fun times! We had gorgeous weather and a wonderful time.
And beautiful scenery!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fun thing Friday: Groupon

Groupon is a website that features a coupon every day from a local business in your city. I joined the KC Groupon when we moved and have loved reading about the different sales. Today I bought my first coupon to Succotash, a breakfast/lunch joint. We will see how it works out!

Have you tried Groupon?

If you want to join, just click here!

Edited to note that if you sign up on that link, I get $10 of Groupon points, so please sign away!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Graduation day!

On Sunday it was finally graduation day! I was pretty excited:Anyway, we went to a local restaurant before the graduation ceremony. I had a lot of fun guests, including my former baby-sitter and her husband, my grandparents, parents, in-laws, and in-law grandparents!
After that, I went to the law school and then to the graduation ceremony where I was hooded! After the hooding ceremony the law school put on a little reception, where we enjoyed cookies and punch. It was more of a photo-op:
me and David:

That's it for the graduation posts! Thanks for all of your comments!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

new favorite song

Pre-graduation festivities

Last Friday I drove to Columbia for a few end-of-law-school events. The first was an informal memorial event at the law school for an Associate Dean who passed last Wednesday. The news was such a blow to the law school because he was beloved by many. The event was lovely and fitting tribute to a great dean.

I had to leave it early, though, because my friend Rach graduated from vet school!!!!! We are so proud of her and her accomplishments. My favorite thing was that she won a big award for being the best large animal vet student...after she was told years ago by a teacher in high school that she shouldn't pursue a large animal vet degree because she was too small! Gumption and determination make up for size, though, because she truly succeeded. Congratulations, Rach!After that was over, I went to a cocktail hour for the law school graduates. My family joined me, as well as my aunt and uncle's family. My cousin Michael also graduated that same night with an engineering degree.

After seeing some of my friends and professors, I grabbed our brothers and drove home!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sidelines Custom Floral Designs

On Friday at my friend's graduation I noticed that some moms were wearing corsages and they looked gorgeous. How thoughtful as a thank you for all of the hard work moms and grandmas have done for the graduates! So I texted David an idea to get my mom and grandma one as well. He agreed that it was a great idea and volunteered to order them...and then ordered one for me as well!

The corsages were absolutely gorgeous. Mine was for my wrist and my mom's and grandma's were for their lapels. The colors were perfect: black and gold ribbon with white orchids and roses. David said that they were very easy to work with and the flowers kept all day for us.
Sidelines Custom Floral Designs
511 E 135th St
Kansas City, MO
(816) 941-8814

Graduation fun!

I had so much fun GRADUATING this weekend!!! It was such a busy weekend...on Friday I went to my friend Rachel's graduation, to an informal memorial service for a dean of my law school, and to a cocktail hour for the graduates. I know you are on the edge of your seat, and I chose the (dun dun dun):

On Saturday our brothers came into town and we painted some rooms in our house. I started a home craft project of redoing David's old red desk. That thing was icky. We went out to eat at some amazing places.Then, on Sunday, it was my turn to graduate! I was simply beaming from top to bottom as I was being hooded because it meant that law school was FINISHED!!!!
You may call me juris doctor from now on. (JUST kidding!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kansas City BBQ

One of the advantages of moving to Kansas City is that I have access to great BBQ. Barbecue is so delicious and I am so happy to be in the city known as the Barbecue Capital of the World. Last night we went to Jack Stack Barbecue in Martin City with David's family. Yum....
I ordered the burnt ends, baked beans, and french fries. The plate came heaping full of food and was just delicious. The burnt ends were of good meat, had a great flavor, and when smothered with spicy bbq sauce....just divine. The fries were also great but my favorite part of the meal was eating the baked beans. The baked beans come with flecks of meat in the beans and are smothered with the wonderful barbecue sauce. SO good.Jack Stack has great barbecue and has many locations throughout Kansas City. However, I know that other places like Arthur Bryant's, Oklahoma Joe's, and Jess and Jim's have good BBQ as well. What are your Kansas City Barbecue recommendations?

(P.S.- I forgot to take a picture of my food, so instead I am posting pics of my adorable niece.)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last night I tried sushi for the first time. Oh wait, not really. I tried sushi for the second time---the first time was when I was in college. I went to an art gallery opening on campus and the campus cafeteria served "sushi", which I later found out was probably not really the best sushi to try. I mean, come was made and served by the campus cafeteria. Anyway, it made me sick and I did not have a very good reaction to it.

Last night I tried it again after very much coaxing from my friend and from my husband. We went to RA Sushi in Leawood, which had a fun and trendy atmosphere. The service was pretty good for us, although I heard other people say that the service was bad. We tried about 8 different dishes and wow...I never knew what I was missing. Here is a word of advice: if you are being held back from sushi by a run-in with sushi from a weird cafeteria that was made in small town, try sushi again. It was sooooo good and I want some more right now. I have a feeling that these first-time sushi people will be eating a lot of the stuff in the next few months.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Woah, thanks SO MUCH for your help yesterday. Seriously. It helped a lot to have other opinions on the dresses! It looks like the pink is definitely out with only one vote, but the purple and the teal dress are still in the running. I will decide this weekend and definitely let you know what I choose!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on what we feasted this weekend. I made these cupcakes by The Pioneer Woman and woah these are very, very tasty. I mean REALLY tasty.
Can I just say something? Stop making cake form the box. I mean it. Cake that isn't from the box and is made by scratch doesn't take that much longer to make and is about a million times more delicious. The batter of these things was so good that David and I kept eating spoonful after spoonful until finally David said, "I have to put water in this bowl," meaning that he would douse the bowl with water so that the batter would be rendered inedible. After about 10 more licks that's what he did. We have to control our batter intake one way or the other.

In other news, I went to a gardening center on Sunday morning and bought a bunch of flowers. I really love flowers but after I got home I found out that our soil is so rocky that I maybe should not have bought so many. I laughed at all of the husbands who were either 1. obviously on kid duty while the mom was enjoying 30 minutes of peace and quiet or 2. getting last minute gifts for their wife. The place was packed! I also made the mistake of patronizing Hallmark on Saturday, but that was sweet because boys were everywhere picking out figurines for their mom.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello readers, I need your assistance. I went shopping for a graduation dress this past weekend and ended up buying three. Don't worry, I'm not going to change dresses during the middle of the ceremony, but I do need help narrowing down what I will be wearing. My graduation will be during the day and I will also wear the same dress to my graduation party. My goal is to look appropriate (obviously). However, I want to look young as well. Also, please keep in mind how good the dress looks on me and if I could possibly wear it to 1) work or 2) other events like weddings. Here are the contenders (I am incapable of making a decision by myself!):

Dress #1: Teal dress
I like this dress because the neckline is so interesting. The folds are adorable and interesting without making the dress itself raunchy or inappropriate.

Dress #2: Purple dress

You can't tell in the picture, but this dress is a jewel-toned purple color. Again, I think that the color makes the dress itself look really interesting.

Dress #3: The pink dress

This dress is sweet and cute. I like it because it is fluttery and summery. The neckline is again, interesting, and the color just screams young. I have some other work dresses (that wouldn't be appropriate for graduation), and that makes me lean to dresses that show that I'm 25, not 45!

I went shopping with my friend Jancin, asked help from the sales associate, and obviously modeled these for David. I won't tell you how they ranked them. I am honestly torn. I can see the pros and cons of each dress. I also don't want to tell you the prices of each because I want an opinion that disregards price. So please help me out and comment below!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's day to my great mom. I know I have said this before, but her lifelong support of me is so valuable. As I am finishing my law school years, this is more and more apparent. I am so lucky to have a family who is as supportive of me as mine. Besides that, she is a great example of a wonderful person. Happy Mother's Day, mom!!

Also, happy mother's day to my grandma, who is so kind and also very supportive to me. Every finals week she sends me an email saying that she and my grandpa are thinking of me and it really perks me up. Little things like that again, made law school so much easier. Thanks, Grandma!

Finally, happy mother's day to my mother-in-law, Kathy! Kathy has always been a very nice and accepting mother-in-law that I feel completely part of the family. Plus she raised my wonderful husband to be the man I love today. Thank for your work, Kathy!

Happy Mother's day to all of you mothers out there. I hope that you get a chance to relax!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Le Peep: Overland Park

Today I went to eat at Le Peep in Overland Park. It was pretty tasty. I got bacon, sausage and gravy with a biscuit, and potatoes. Everything was pretty good but I would say that the experience was better than IHOP but the biscuits and gravy did not come close Bob Evans's for taste. My cappuccino was delicious. It was creamy and served in a fun mug. Our waiter was so friendly and helpful.

The weirdest thing about Le Peep was the decor in the lobby. They decorated with a bunch of these dolls, so they watched patrons while they were waiting for a table.


Honestly, these dolls kind of creep me out sometimes. I know they are really expensive and collectible, but maybe not the best choice for restaurant decor?


Yesterday I finished law school. It is such a wonderful feeling to finally be finished with my experience. When I began law school in August 2007, I wrote this:

Law school is very enjoyable for me so far. I am enjoying the subject matter of my classes, the structure of the classes themselves, and meeting new people. Before I went, I had people who had completed law school tell me that I would learn a new way of thinking and that my mind would be challenged beyond belief for the first one and a half semesters. This is turning out to be very true: the reading is incredible--before beginning, I read things for pleasure and not necessarily for comprehension. Now I find myself concentrating on ten pages for hours, rereading sentences two or three times in an attempt to glean their meanings. Nothing seems as simple as it did before because our professors are attempting to teach us to question everything. It is certainly the academic challenge of my life and I am excited to immerse myself in learning.
After reading that, I can't believe how far and my friends and I have come. We have been taught how to think for ourselves, speak up for our solutions, and how to be creative problem solvers. It is so true: I have been taught how to think in a different way.

I loved law school. I loved the variety of classes I took, the experiences I had, and friends I made. Because of law school, I am now embarking on a career path I never would have guessed I would enjoy and could not be more excited.

The last week of finals was crazy. I seriously could not remember what day it was yesterday. Last night I felt so exhausted: not only from this year's finals, but from the weight of three years' worth of finals and stress and craziness of school. It is so surreal to think that it is all over.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Sunday afternoon by Paco

Well hello there, friends. This is Paco ready to tell you all about my Sunday afternoon yesterday. For some reason my two owners are frantically studying for their big tests in the upcoming weeks. I don't have much to study, except sometimes I do study quantum physics and Ancient Greek in my free time:
My favorite Greek phrase is:

Ageōmetrētos mēdeis eisitō.
This means, "Let no one without knowledge of geometry enter." I like saying that to my sisters when they try to sit on the couch with me and I do not want them to bother me!

While the humans studied, I observed the local flora and fauna. I noted two ducks, one rabbit, and one bird in our backyard all at once.

I believe that these ducks were what we call "twitterpated". It is kind of like how people feel when they get married.
After a while, someone went upstairs and made some iced tea, so I was able to enjoy that for a while. Reader Cindy, if you look closely at the cup, you may recognize it. She gave that to Abbie when Abbie went to college seven years ago.
That is all for now. Thank you for stopping by and reading about my afternoon!

Editor's note: This blog will be sadly neglected for the rest of the week as I take time off to study and finish my J.D. I hope you all enjoy this gorgeous week!