Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Travel Tuesday: Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Special thanks to Danielle from McAfee Family Blog for writing this week's travel guest post. I love these! Be sure to click over to her blog to give her some blog love

Hello Abbie’s blog readers! I’m Danielle from
McAfee Family Blog and I go to law school with Abbie. I’m writing a guest blog post this week about me and my husband’s trip to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico!

We went to Nuevo Vallarta last May for our honeymoon. It was during the peak of the swine flu heyday and people kept asking if we would cancel our trip, but we didn’t. And I am so glad we went!

We stayed at the Dreams Villamanga Nuevo Vallara, which is an all-inclusive resort right on the beach. It was a brand-new resort and had only been open a few months when we were there, and it was wonderful!

There were five restaurants, 24-hour room service, three swimming pools, an outdoor hot tub (and another one on our balcony), and a private beach. And we had the place almost entirely to ourselves – we aren’t sure if it was because of the swine flu, or just not quite vacation season, but there were probably only about 50 other people there the entire time. It definitely made for a nice, quiet, relaxing trip! And, because the resort was empty, we were upgraded to an ocean-view suite, which was absolutely amazing!

We laid on the beach while the hostess brought us frosty tropical drinks, ate fresh guacamole at every meal, and soaked up the Mexican sun.

The only negative thing I have to say about our trip is that there wasn’t much to do outside of the resort. Nuevo Vallarta is still very much an up-and-coming tourist destination, and most of the local activities, tours, and shopping are located about 20 miles away in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is easily accessible by a cab ride from Nuevo Vallarta, but after a run-in with a questionable cab driver at the airport we decided not to risk using the local transportation again and instead just enjoyed the beach at our resort.

Overall, we had a fantastic time in Nuevo Vallarta and I think we would definitely go back again for an inexpensive and relaxing beach vacation. Nuevo Vallarta is definitely a great place to go for a honeymoon or for a romantic couples vacation, but probably isn’t the best choice for a family trip if you have children who get bored easily.


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Kathy, David's mom said...

Thanks for the information and the lovely pictures, Danielle! It sounds wonderful.

Danielle said...

You are welcome, glad you liked my post! :-)

And I think your blog has just been spammed, Abbie... weird.