Monday, April 12, 2010


Sorry for the absence, but I have big news! We've moved!!!

No, not my blog, but in real life! I mentioned it once or twice, but our house was on the market since November. We finally sold last Thursday and moved on Friday. I want to remember the details about our moving, so I am going to write blog posts about it all this week. Moving is so. much. work. Sheesh. But now it is all over! Woo hoo!


Heather said...

How are the pets adjusting? You sure had a pretty weekend to move not like the 100+ degrees I moved to Kirksville in. :)

kateohkatie said...

Wow - yay you! Can't wait to see more posts about it :-)

Anonymous said...

RORO said---missed your blog---glad to see you back---can't wait to hear about it~!