Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving: Well, moving

Our moving experience was pretty quick and easy. We moved the Thursday after Easter Sunday and on Easter Sunday I was at a family member's house, telling them that we had not packed a thing. It was true--we put off packing for a long time. Eventually, I told David that he should just go to the city in which he works and let me and my family pack our house. Since his commute was two hours, he would be of help to us for about an hour. That seemed senseless to me.

So, he packed up his personal belongings on the Sunday before he left.

When we got our offer, we just assumed that we would rent a U-Haul and drive down the highway with all of our stuff. But then my parents generously offered to help us out with hiring a moving company, mostly because I don't think that my mom wanted my dad and father-in-law to have heart attacks while they helped us lift heavy boxes. Plus, my parents had a few furniture items they wanted brought from their house to our new house, like a china cabinet, bedroom set, and dining room table that are quite old. I do not think they trusted that we would move those items safely, which we probably would not have because we have no experience moving.

So, we hired a moving company. My dad met with one company and then we both met with another. The second company was wonderful and friendly. They had the lowest price as well-- score! The deal was that we had to pack everything that was not in a drawer. This provided us with a much easier moving experience than most people. Now some people hire a moving company to do everything- from packing to the moving to the unpacking, and this would have been awesome, but since we are not very old and do not have much stuff the movers even said not to do that because it would have been a waste of money for us.

Our movers were wonderful and professional. They were in and out of our house in 1.5 hours and then unpacked us in about 2 hours. ("Unpacking" meaning set boxes in their respective rooms, assemble the furniture, and put the furniture in place.)

I will admit that packing got a little out of hand at the end because I just didn't know if we would finish. Start early! My other tip is to definitely hire a moving company, unless you still have a college-like move. Seriously, they were worth every penny we paid for them. And if you have kids, pay for them to pack you up. You will definitely not want to watch your kids while you are packing. I could barely handle three animals, and you just get into a zone of packing and feel overwhelmed. Budget the money for movers before you make your down payment on your house.

I have other friends who had a lull in between their two closings, and they rented PODS, which seems like a good option too because they drop off the POD in your driveways. Again, this would probably have been too much extra time and money for us because we needed the movers to go to my parents' house, but that is another good option.

Any other tips on moving?


Kathy said...

We used to be such experts at moving! One good thing about moving is that it helps you get rid of possessions you don't really need. You and David were an unbelievable example of quick packing and unpacking!

Katie said...

When we moved into our last apartment it was on the 3rd floor & had no elevator. After that terrible experience I swore I would never move myself again...when we moved into our current place we hired 2 Men & a Truck & it was worth every single penny!

jeff said...

a few notes on PODS - we used it for an in town move (I guess it wasn't really "in town" since we moved a county over, but our POD did not have to change to a different storage center from when it was picked up to when it was dropped off at the new house). no tools were provided by the company for the move; luckily, we had a lot of spare blankets to wrap things and borrowed some dollies which were a huge help for the boxes. the biggest they had was a 16 ft box, which was enough to pack our small home - floor to ceiling with stuff. But, the down side was we had to leave it on the street until the pick up date. those do get scheduled in advance, or you can call when you are ready, but there's no promise they will come the next day if you dont plan in advance. so leaving our whole live in the POD in front of our empty house with only a key lock securing it was pretty nerve wracking.

also, i read a lot of horror stories of people doing out of town moves with PODS. as in the small writing, the POD company would give them a great quote, but in exchange for the small price they would be moving your stuff at their convience. some of the stories people wrote about involved their stuff being "in transit" for weeks while they waited in their empty, new house!