Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving: finding the right house

I don't have a ton to say about this subject besides that for us, it was a feeling. Do you know how many people tell brides that they will just know when they have their wedding dress because they will FEEL like a bride? Well, for us, it was that we knew that we were in our house becuase we FELT like home.

We looked at many wonderful houses in different areas. We had a general area narrowed down, but some more specific areas were just not giving us the amount of house and updates we wanted for our price point. I also had some specifications about the neighborhood. I didn't want it to feel too suburbia, and I was leaning toward older houses with more "character". I had one that I loved that we would have purchased had we not bought our current home. It was a gorgeous house from the 1960s in a nice area. I will forever wonder who bought our little yellow house and who learned to love it as much as I think I would have. While I loved the house, my husband didn't, and I love the house we bought more than that one anyway.

In the end, we both walked into this house and fell in love with it. We ended up buying a newer house in a more suburban neighborhood, but for some reason I don't think that it feels like suburbia. This may be because our backyard butts up to a wooded area, so if you look out our windows you wouldn't be able to tell that we were in a city at all. I love that aspect of this house.

As you look for houses, you will notice what you do and do not like. For me, I didn't love split level designs. While they provided a lot more room than other designs, most of the layouts were not doing it for me, which eliminated many, many houses.

Another thing to consider is the school district: not only for yourself but also for whoever buys your house after you move again. Our school district is notorious around the state, so I think that when we bought this house we pretty much wrote a ticket to send our kids to religious or private schools (as long as we still live here). This is fine, but is something that, if we were not open to that possibility, would have eliminated this house right away.

What do you consider when looking for a house?

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Kathy said...

You and David certainly made a wonderful choice for your house, which is luckily so close to a great school. Your house seems like the perfect blend of country and city because you have neighbors in the front and that beautiful country feeling in the back!