Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Family Pictures

This weekend we took some family pictures at David's mom's house for Easter. The great debate was whether we should wear all one color of shirt or pastels with khaki pants. The younger generation wanted the pastels and the older generation wanted the matching colors, but as you can see, David's parents had four children who outnumber them at decision-making time, and the pastels won. No matter what we chose, we would have looked pretty good, don't you think?

David's sister Sarah took the pictures, or rather, they are from her camera. As my mom said, "that poor woman who has three babies to control had to run back and forth pushing a button for a timer on a camera!?" At any rate, I think they turned out pretty well.

I know what you are thinking and I am wondering this too: how in the world did this furball make it into the family picture when Thorina, Arwen, and Paco were not even invited? Jose could have at least had a haircut for the picture...

Here is one of me and David. I have been really unhappy with how I am smiling in pictures lately. As one of my friends said, it looks like I have been holding my smile for hours, but I had not! I feel like I go in stages: sometimes I have a great camera smile and sometimes I look goofus. I know you will all say I'm crazy and that it looks fine, but I think we are all a little critical of ourselves when taking pictures.
Do any of you have any good smiling tips? My friend Amy once told me to tuck my chin down a bit and look up. She even showed me pics in a yearbook once and it is true: every good looking girl picture involved her chin being down and eyes looking up. Maybe I should have tried that?


Kathy said...

I really love all of the pictures, and think the outfits look great. I hadn't noticed sneaky little Jose! I never thought about it, but it would probably be smart to think about good smiles for pictures.

Sarah said...

Ha ha - last night I was telling David and Steve that I didn't like MY smile in those pictures and I need to work on coming up with something better.

Danielle said...

Love the pictures, you guys are all so attractive! :-)

And I totally thought that about the one puppy making the picture but not your babies, LOL!