Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bye, bye, nice hairstylist!

I love my hair stylist. She is so easy to talk to and fun and lets me read magazines. But yesterday I went to her for the last time (this is one of the sadder parts of moving). Sad face. In general, I am really loyal to my hair stylists and when I find one I love, I stick with her or him. This girl was definitely a keeper. Who else can make crazy curly hair get this straight?

So anyway, I'm back to square one. Are you really loyal to your hair stylist?


Anonymous said...

RORO said I found Gina at Great Hair by Walmart probably about 15 years ago. I took my boys there too until they outgrew her. She even squeezed all of us in the day before my dad's funeral. I show the movie "Corner Shop" to my students, so they understand the relationship part of Cosmetology. Many say they never knew about it! Gina is the owner and still does my hair even though I could go to the teacher at our Cosmetology program for cheap. Now my mom and I go both at the same time to Gina's and she does my hair and somebody else does my mom's.

Katie said...

I go to a girl at the Beauty Brands at 135th & State Line...she's great! Let me know if you want her name & i'll send it to you on facebook or email it to you.