Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word to the wise

You should always, always, always go introduce yourself to your neighbors when they move into the neighborhood. Also, bring something like brownies or lasagna or SOMETHING. We had a new neighbor about a year ago and never went over there to knock on her door because it was nice, we figured we would see her outside sometime and would introduce then, she never went outside, so then it just got weird. I'm telling you this in case you have to go knock on your new neighbor's door at 6:50 a.m. because your cat is in her backyard, about to have a showdown with her dog.

That happened to me this morning. Every day, I let my pets outside to "romp". They usually run around our front door, exploring, eating grass, etc. Today my cat Thorina decided to go on an adventure to the neighbor's house, and as I was looking for her I noticed a little tabby streak INSIDE the neighbor's fence. I was on the phone with my husband, who told me to get kitty treats to try to entice her out of the fenced area. I looked like a fool, shaking them, trying to grab her through holes in the fence, and finally I gave up.

Then I noticed the dog. He was happily going about his business, and Thorina was posed to pounce. Thorina is not a friendly cat, and I was worried of lifelong trauma for her, so I knocked on my neighbor's door. The poor woman had just awakened, so I met her at her front door and asked her if I could just go through her fence door to retrieve my feline. We went to the backyard and the scene was grim. Thorina was on top of the fence and the dog had her treed. Stupidly, I ran to her and instead of throwing her over the fence into our yard, I decided to grab her and hold her while I ran through the fence door. During this time, the neighbor lady had her dog in a deathgrip, attempting to make him stop sniffing my rear end.

I ran across the yard and tried to open the fence...but it would not budge. Chaos cat and I were stuck, the dog was right next to us, and Thorina was going CRAZY. The poor neighbor lady was in her pajamas, attempting to hold the dog back, and we realized that we were locked inside the yard.

At this point Thorina decided to make an epic effort to get. out. of. there. She lunged and hissed at the same time, but I held fast to her little body. However, she lunged again and I lost her. Her collar broke and she streaked across the yard, climbed over the huge privacy fence, and ran away. I sheepishly stood with the neighbor doggie while our neighbor went through the house to let me out of the yard, thanked her and apologized profusely, and went back home.

Where was Thorina? Sitting on our front porch. I felt bad for her because she felt really hot and scared. We went inside and she licked her war wounds.

The moral of the story? Try not to introduce yourself to your neighbor at 7 a.m. on a Wednesday morning when you really need to get into her yard. I will probably be bringing by those brownies....a little late, but better late than never.


Danielle said...

HAHAHAHA I'm sorry but that story is hilarious. Your poor neighbor and poor kitty!

Kate said...

That's so funny! And scary. I feel bad for laughing. Well, a bit.

And that first paragraph? GOOD ADVICE. I always hate getting to the "it would be weird" part in any casual relationship like that (neighbors, lady you chat with on the train once a week, whatever).

Kathy said...

That was so funny! What an amusing picture in my imagination! Someday, if you and David ever move somewhere, I hope all of your new neighbors come to welcome you to the neighborhood with treats!