Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Whenever parents hear the words "Spring Break", they cringe. I had so many fun spring breaks during college (and a fun one in law school as well!). Now a lot of my friends are on the brink of their spring break, so I thought that I would write about it (alas, this year my break consists of working...). I'm going in reverse order because I don't have the energy to redo the order of these pics.

Last year we went to Paris for spring break with my brother. It was so much fun: we had a lovely time larking around Paris for a week (I told my husband before we went that it was the trip of all trips---after I saw everything in Paris on our trip my Paris bug would be scratched and we could focus on other trips, but of course going just made me want to go back. It is one of my favorite cities.).
My senior year of college, my friends and I went to Las Vegas, which was amazingly fun. I LOVED Vegas. We stayed in my friend's parents' condo and shuttled to and from the strip during the day.
My favorite gambling? Penny slots. I am definitely not a gambler. The machines here are called "Totally Puzzled?!", which pretty much sums up my gambling knowledge:
The year before that my friend Colleen and I were in Europe, and we went on a spring break trip to London, Dublin, and Paris. Here I am on the Prime Meridian. Again, we had a great trip filled with craziness, from getting lost in London to locating our Paris hotel at 1 a.m. to meeting a great Irish friend.
The year before that, my parents made it clear that if I so much as said "beach" and "spring break" in the same sentence I would not be going, so a group of friends and I went to South Padre and Monterrey, Mexico over winter break. Sneaky, huh?
Finally, our freshman year, we went to the Lake of the Ozarks for spring break. Not too crazy, but I'm sure that my parents had images of debauchery floating in their heads when I went on this trip. No worries, Mom and Dad, the worst thing that happened was that we set the smoke alarm off in the condo:
(Don't you love the fact that I am fanning the smoke alarm with Vogue?)

What did you do over your spring breaks?


Kathy said...

Well, back in my day, and with my wholesome life, I came home from college and hung out with my family and Tom! I think the fun of spring break was just having a break from school, and nobody expected to go anywhere. Are any other readers my age(52)? Did you ever even think of going anywhere for spring break?
I know I am sounding like a curmudgeon now, but I was thinking about this topic recently, when I heard a news story about college students needing more tax money for student loans. As a taxpayer, I am not much in favor of chipping in more money for college kids who go skiing over Christmas and on fancy and not very wholesome trips during spring break! (Abbie and Peter, I am not talking about the two of you--just college kids in general!)

David said...

I have taken many spring breaks, many of which are mentioned in your post. Another trip I took involved driving up the east coast with several friends, which was a lot of fun. I honestly think that all my spring break trips were great investments, which probably can't be said about every trip.

I definitely think that, if one has the resources, traveling is a good bet over spring break. One's ability to travel cheaply is probably highest while in college.

Anonymous said...

RoRO said that I have gone on many spring break trips as an adult. I am older than Kathy(55) and never went on a Spring Break as a student. University of Dayton offer a take on Spring Break by offering Spring Break-Out trips for a week of service in various parts of the country or in Mexico, Belize etc. Jason did one in East St. Louis which was very interesting. I'll write more about my adult spring break trips when I am less tired!

Heather said...

I have some really nice spring break trips over the years. This time I stayed near Kville. I took the first weekend to visit my family because my Dad's birthday is on 3/5. then back to Kville for a day. Then I took two days and stayed at a hotel in Columbia because every time I have gotten to go there it has been for a family medical emergency type trip or a rushed shopping trip. It was real nice to relax for a couple of days and go all the places I used when I went to MU and find some new favorite places. Too bad I didn't run into you. Then back to Kville for a day. Then back down to the Hannibal area for the weekend and back to work today at KHS. :)