Thursday, March 25, 2010


When I was in high school, I really, really wanted to go to Brown University. I wanted to get out of the mid-west and go to one of the coasts and enjoy my college life at a great University!!!

However, I was wait-listed...and then rejected.

I was really sad. My dream of getting out of town was gone and I was "stuck" going to a school in the mid-west. I was accepted to other schools on the East Coast, but paying the crazy tuition seemed silly at that point.

It turned out wonderfully, though, because I had a fabulous college experience (and now see why my parents always said that college was so much fun), met a ton of really awesome people, traveled, and learned a lot from my many wonderful professors.

My friend Robert posted this story on Facebook about people who are very successful even though they were rejected by their first choice schools. I thought it was very interesting because, even though I felt sad about Brown, Warren Buffet was rejected by Harvard!

Did you get rejected by your first choice college? Do you wish you could have attended or do you feel like you had a good experience at your college?


Danielle said...

During high school, I was sure Wash U in St. Louis was my "first choice". Granted, I knew nothing about it other than it was ranked high and it had pretty buildings. Needless to say I didn't get accepted. I was offered a place on the waitlist, but not until the end of April my senior year, when I had already received a scholarship from and enrolled at Illinois Wesleyan. Looking back, I am SO happy with my choice because it was the perfect college for me and I had a great experience. And I actually met a few people there who had transferred from Wash U because they hated it so much! LOL

Ashley said...

I was accepted by Harvard, Brown, Stanford, and Truman. Obviously, I made the right decision and decided to attend the local Harvard.

Ashley said...

**note: that was a lie, I didn't apply to anywhere but MU and Truman

Tom said...

One application - one acceptance. If I'd been rejected...... I guess I'd still be dipping ice cream.