Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Thing Friday and something I forgot

I forgot to mention that yesterday after my computer debacle I turned on my other computer, one that has been slow since the day I got it, thinking that I could use it instead of my little Macbook for a while. However, my hopes were pretty much dashed when I saw these words on the screen:





Let's just say that having to enter the date into your computer is NOT a good sign.
Since I am missing it so much, I decided to have my MacBook be my fun thing Friday. I LOVE my MacBook. It is my constant companion and has traveled to school with me and home, on vacations and back, and around the house with me. It is a constant source of entertainment and information. Seriously, how cool is it that we now have any piece of information we need at our fingertips? I love it.


Kathy said...

I am not into any specific computer like you are, but I think almost every day how the Internet enriches my life in so many ways, including blogs!

tobin said...

i love my macbook too. i got mine after i heard how much you and smolik loved them. when i purchased my macbook, it made me go completely mac, since i already had an older imac.