Monday, March 22, 2010

Bacon and Salmon and counting down the days

I have gotten pretty close to my graduation day lately...this week is the last week before my spring break starts and today I am going to the officer elections for the legal frat for which I was president this year. I am ready to hand the position over but it feels so surreal to be at the mid-point of my last semester in law school...and maybe school forever. I am really excited!

Yesterday we ate some salmon with bacon, which is a delicious combination. Here is what I did:
Salmon with Bacon
- three pieces of frozen salmon, defrosted
- 1-2 slices of bacon
- olive oil
- lemon pepper
- Old Bay seasoning

Cut the salmon (I always dice mine into smaller pieces) and liberally sprinkle Old Bay seasoning on one side. Dice the bacon into tiny pieces; cook until crispy in a skillet. When the bacon is nice and crispy, drain off the grease and reserve the bacon. Do NOT rinse the pan as the bacon droppings will help to flavor your salmon.

Put 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil (watch the dish and add more as needed) in the pan and be sure it is hot. Add the salmon and let it cook for a while. Add some lemon pepper to the salmon. Stir the fish until it is fully cooked and at the last minute add the crispy bacon pieces back into the skillet. You should have no oil left in the pan by the time it is all finished.


Menu Monday:
Monday: leftovers from Sunday
Tuesday: fish and a salad
Wednesday: Chex Mix
Thursday: I am going to try to make an asparagus risotto recipe I saw in a magazine
Friday: fish

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Kathy said...

I like Wednesday's menu!
When Tom and I were in deacon school we kept being curious about whether actually being a deacon would be more or less work than being in school. Are you wondering the same thing about being finished with school and having a job?