Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Workout Wednesday: The Epic Battle with an Exercise Ball

Lately I have been trying to get stronger, so I've been attending a class at my school's rec center called Tiger Pump. Tiger Pump's class description is the following:

Designed to sculpt and strengthen all major muscle groups using weights, bands, bars and the body’s own resistance. Guaranteed to pump you up!

So far, I've dropped a weight and fallen off of my exercise ball. There hasn't been much "pumping up" since I still have to do my push-ups on my knees.

This is something that we do on the ball:

Note to my mother: No, this isn't a picture of me and NO, I did not get a butterfly tattoo on my right ankle.

Anyway, yesterday we were supposed to be doing something like this on our exercise ball yesterday and mine slipped out from under me. Luckily, I didn't quite fall on the ground, but I just kind of floundered around for a while. I hoped nobody saw me but that hope wasn't helped by the fact that the girl next to me yelled, "Oh!" pretty loudly, drawing attention to me. Hey girl, I know it is your birthday this weekend (I heard you talking about it before the class started into your cell telling your mom that you were NOT coming home because you have friends coming into town...mmm hmmmm), but there is no need to make loud noises when people fall off of their exercise ball. I know I certainly LOOK older than you but I'm not that old: if I fall I won't flail around for help so there is no need to alert the room.

I already look like an old doof in that class because all of the girls come in with their mega cute and mega stylish workout gear on, looking like they don't even need to work out, with full make-up and hair that looks like it was styled like a professional, talking about their weekend plans or what happened last weekend. Then you have me in my t-shirt and black yoga pants that I wore the day before, attempting to navigate my way around an exercise ball and failing. Sometimes I wear my school law t-shirts just to show them that I'm not a complete loser: as far as they know, I am studying too hard to apply make-up to go to an exercise class.

Can I also say one more thing? I don't know why people who are pregnant think that it would ever be a good idea to use those exercise balls as a "birthing ball". I can just see myself waddling around, pregnant, double my size, trying to balance on that ball thing. No way.

Someday I will conquer the exercise ball.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Abbie, I also had issues with the exercise balls on Mon. at class. We seldom use them but Mon we did. We were supposed to do those crunches on the ball and I'm ashamed to say I did not. We have a new teacher and I hope she realized that many of use did not like that new type of exercise. Most of us are old so you can just imagine the fun.

Danielle said...

LOL I almost laughed in class at your description of the girls at the gym with full-on face paint and perfect hair. I hate those girls. They are the same ones who walk 1.5 mph on the treadmill for an hour and make people who actually want to do exercise wait.

$20 bucks says they are also in a sorority.

Anonymous said...

RoRO said I am lucky to do my 2 circuts at Curves 3 times a week! Find a birthing chair like I did for my 2 kids --it has to be better that that ball thingy.
Also thanks for the "pickle card" that you sent my mom---she is still wondering about that pickle!!!???

Kathy said...

Oh, Abbie, that is funny! I admire people who go to any type of exercise classes.
I think Peter would really like to take P.E.-type classes at MUST, but he thinks he would have to pay extra for them. You are lucky at your two colleges if your dancing and exercise classes are included with your regular tuition.
PS--Good for you for commenting, Mom!

Mrs. Haid said...

I found you gotta go to the classes on Fridays - no sorority girls there! And classes that are early and seem like they have a lot of profs in them - those were my favorites.

I stunk at Tiger Pump though.

You need to try Reformer Pilates!!! Its my ultimate fav.

Also - that big ball is super good for a pregnant person. Its way easier than sitting on a chair. I didn't birth on it or anything, but it takes the pressure of your hips. Also, its a way better device than a rocking chair! We bounce our baby a lot, or we did when he was fussy and young.