Wednesday, June 02, 2010

La Bodega

My friend who lives in KC took me to La Bodega a while ago and I thought it was delicious. La Bodega serves tapas, which I think translates to "small bites", meaning that you order lots of things from the menu and share them with your friends who came to the restaurant with you.

La Bodega has extremely delicious fare. My favorite is a plate of scallops. I also like the pancetta-wrapped shrimp.

We went with our little brothers. One thing to remember about La Bodega is that you should always make a reservation. Ours was for 8:30 and we were seated at around 9, which is to be expected because part of eating tapas is that you sit at your table for a long time, enjoying the atmosphere, and ordering one or two at a time for the table. So, we were not irate in the least. However, when we were seated, one of the managers came over and gave us two free tapas! That was awesome.

Like I said, though...make sure you have a reservation. We saw people waiting for way longer than 30 minutes because they hadn't bothered to call ahead. La Bodega gets crowded and people do not leave very quickly.

La Bodega
703 Southwest Boulevard
Kansas City, MO

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