Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Call for Submissions

I would like to open my travel section up to guest writers. So many people I know have been to so many different and cool places and I want to read about them all!

So here is the deal:

- If you are a guest writer, you would write one post about one destination (maybe your favorite place) you've been. You can send me pictures and I will post them. You can write about anything: things to do, where you stayed, tips you had, etc.

- There is no limit on how long or short the post can be.

- I will link to your blog if you have one.

- We can set up a schedule that is convenient for you. So, if you are interested and really busy right now, you can definitely wait to guest post until this summer, for example, but I would like to have a few people start soon.

- If you want, I can help you edit your posts.

If you have been anywhere please comment below and let me know if you are interested! I would especially love to see people who are my regular readers (even those of you who don't have a blog) post.

I know that several of you have been really cool places like Hungary, Boston, Sweden, England, Costa Rica, Italy, Hawaii, San Diego, Hilton Head Island, Ireland, Mexico, Florida, Minnesota, Sequoia National Park, U.A.E., etc., etc.

Please comment below if you are interested!


Kathy said...

Even though I have been to some neat places, the first place that popped into my mind, about which I could write, is my favorite bed and breakfast in Branson!
Plus, hopefully when we get back from our ski trip, that will be a new favorite place!

David said...

I have been to Rocheport, which is very historic! However, I will try to come up with a guest post about a more exotic location.

Danielle said...

I recently traveled to Kirksville, Missouri... does that count? LOL

But seriously, I could write about Nueva Vallarta, Mexico if you need some guest posts :-) Although there isn't really much there besides the beach and the resort!

Anonymous said...

RORO said I can do one this summer when life is easy for me. I can do one about Hawaii unless someone takes that topic before I do mine. Last year we also went to Gatlinburg. We have no pictues on that kind of camera for you.

Kathy said...

This post provoked interesting conversations last night with Tom and me about some of the wonderful vacations we have been fortunate enough to take. Thanks!

Katie said...

I would be interested if you would like...as a kid I traveled all over the US with my family, and when i was in college i spent 5 days in Belgium & then the next 2 weeks in Moscow & St. Petersburg Russia. Since then I've been to Italy on a girls trip, St. Lucia on my honeymoon, Chicago (many many times), and Vegas a few times also. I'd be willing to write about whatever place you want to hear about! :)

I like hearing about others' travels though, this was a great idea abbie.