Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Last weekend we went on a little vacation to St. Louis with my family. It was a lot of fun! After I met my friend Julie for lunch at the Cheesecake factory and said hello to David's family, we met up with my family on The Hill for supper. It was delicious. Seriously, I really dislike chain restaurants like The Olive Garden, Fazolis, etc., because I have been spoiled by the food from the Hill. It is so delicious.

After our tummies were full with delicious Italian food, we went to Ted Drewes, where we stuffed ourselves even further. Soooo tasty!

My brother, David, and my dad outside of Ted Drewes and then me and David:

After that, we went swimming in our hotel pool where the cutest little kid came running out from the hotel and yelled, "Come on, everybody, it is the time of our lives!" He ran in and said, "Guys! It is the time of our lives! It is so great!" And then two seconds later someone splashed him and he had a meltdown.
On Sunday we went to the baseball game, where the Cardinals actually lost to the Royals. That was a disappointment, but we had fun anyway. After that David and I went to a friend's house where we enjoyed a Memorial Day BBQ and birthday celebration for the hostess. It was a lot of fun to see old friends again!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A new bag!!

Yay! I finally found a new bag to carry to work. After two shopping trips, I finally just bought one at Target. Of course they don't have a picture of it online, but it is a pretty basic business-y type bag and is black. I don't love love it because it is in no way unique, but I got so tired of looking that I am glad to have anything.

Today I had court and then a Legal Aid luncheon to attend. The luncheon was fun. After that, I did some work and then we had new intern orientation and a happy hour at the office for the interns. I made some new friends and I hope we can all hang out some more together.

After that was over, I came home and ate leftovers and enjoyed a pretty relaxing evening! Yay for summer!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I won a giveaway!!!

Poor David was greeted by much shrieking yesterday morning. This is because I found out I won That Wife's giveaway!!! I am so excited! I just kept saying, "I won a giveaway! David! Look!!!! I won the giveaway!!! Ahhh!"

Anyway, here is her blog post about it: Purely Elegant Giveaway

And here is the Etsy shop that sponsored the giveaway.

Thanks to That Wife and to Jennifer who makes all of the great Purely Elegant jewelry! I can't wait to wear my necklace and the jewelry is gorgeous!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Happy Memorial Day, everybody! Spend the day with your friends and family, but spend a moment thinking about all of those (soldiers, police officers, firefighters, paramedics) who are in the public service and who have given their life for your safety. AND have fun!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Current Events: Professional Dress

I found another current event! This is easier than I expected.

I read this article last Friday.

Apparently a few judges got together at some conference and discussed appropriate courtroom attire. One judge presided over an attorney who wore a track suit for court. Another judge complained about too-sexy attire. Some feminist groups are apparently angry about this and say that the judges should quit looking at the lawyer's clothes and start listening to their cases.

I have never really seen any attorneys dress in a sweat suit or in a very revealing outfit, but I have to say that I totally agree with the judges in this case. Sure, I am all for feminism and understand the repercussions of being a woman in a male-dominated profession (, but in college we learned that the basic definition of feminism is that women AND men are given an EQUAL opportunity. To me, this means that in the courtroom I should be expected to wear the equivalent of what the male attorneys wear, and this means professional dress. A jacket or at least a nice shirt, a skirt that is at or below the knee, and pants. Usually these are black. I can be creative with my shirts, blouses, shoes, and jewelry, just as a man can be creative with his shirts and ties. Just this week I nixed a button down shirt because I thought that it went too low to wear in court. It was a really cute top, but it did not look professional. Case closed.

I even get irked by some of my fellow law students with their choice of skirts. Right now it is pretty popular to wear pencil skirts, which are generally a little tighter in the butt area than say, an A-line skirt. But I have seen girls in my school wearing too-small skirts and I think they look ridiculous. To me, it gives off a message that they can't win a case on their own and with their own ideas, and that they have to try to woo the other attorney or judge by showing off their butt in order to win. Don't get me wrong: I own pencil skirts! But I also try to buy them in my size!

I won't leave the men out either. I went to court this week and saw a man wearing khaki pants and a tan jacket, which I thought looked a little casual. A woman couldn't wear khaki pants to court and get away with it either.

In general, I think that a court of law should be respected and the client should also be respected. Of course I don't think that women or men should lose their personalities at the courtroom door, but like I said, use your jewelry, shirts, or shoes to express this. But I think that all attorneys should be proud enough of their profession to find another time to wear the workout and clubbing clothes. What do you think?

Fun thing Friday

I need a new tote bag. NEED one. But this is a source of contention in our house, because this is what happens when I get a new tote:

1. Abbie picks out a new tote bag
2. David disapproves
3. Abbie explains how it will be a very very very good purchase and last a long time
4. David agrees
5. Abbie puts her law books into it and it hurts her shoulder so she secretly uses a backpack
6. David discovers this and says to use the tote because it looks cuter
7. Abbie leaves the tote on the floor
8. One of the cats goes to the bathroom in the bag
9. The bag reeks

My current bag, although we skipped the first 6 steps in that sequence because I found it for $15 and because the straps don't hurt, now has reeked for a few weeks. I don't know why my cats think my bag is a litter box. They have mental issues.

So anyway, I need a new tote bag. I went to court yesterday and it smelled and I felt gross. So this is the bag that I would get if I could buy a new one. Unfortunately, it is out of stock and unfortunately, it costs more than $15. Boo.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

I won!!!

I won my case today!! I am excited. Now time to celebrate!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Freaking out!!!!

Tomorrow I am appearing for the first time in front of a court. I am so excited/nervous!!!!!! I have an Entry of Appearance and everything! It will be pretty crazy. I am asking the court to give my clients Orders of Protection against their abusive significant others. EEKS!!!!!! I hope that I get it done and don't get too nervous!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I love my new internship!! I've been there two days and have spent two mornings in court, watching the judges and parties. Today I got to draft questions to ask parties in some upcoming cases. Pretty cool!!! Tomorrow I will attend a seminar on human trafficking.

For now, I am going to take a nice long bath and read---one of my favorite relaxing things to do!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am finally finished!!! Really, the last two weeks have seemed like they lasted fooorrreeevvvveerrrr. Thanks so much for all of your great comments and encouragement! It really means a lot!

Now I have to admit that I am a little beside myself. What do I do with all of this free time? Luckily David and I have a summer chock-full of fun things to do. I can't wait to share it all with you. Yesterday I sat around watching TV all day. Today I just finished weeding the yard and now I am getting ready to take a shower, drop Paco off at the groomers, and meet my friend Justine to plan a shower. Fun! I love weddings and planning showers, so this day promises to be great.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done (hopefully with blond summer highlights!) and then going on a shopping expedition with some friends.

I suppose that now is the time to let you in on what I am doing this summer! I am super excited. This summer I will be working for Legal Aid. My job? I will be working with victims of domestic violence, attempting to get them justice in court. I am so excited about this because I took a class about domestic violence last fall and I really enjoyed it--so much so that I am participating in a family violence clinic this upcoming fall. My clinic professor is absolutely amazing. She not only testifies in front of my state's legislature very often about domestic violence, but she has published many nationally-recognized articles on the subject. Most of all, she has freed many women from prison who have had unfair sentences imposed on them due to misunderstandings of battered woman syndrome. She is truly an inspiration to her students and is one of the most professional professors I have. She only expects the best from us. I feel so privileged for taking the class and being in the clinic.

So anyway, this summer I will be gaining a lot of experience in the field and hopefully in court as well. In fact, I start my job on Monday and I am supposed to meet them in court on Monday morning! I feel so privileged that I am able to work in the domestic violence field since I enjoyed it so much in school. I hope that I can make a difference in the lives of these women.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Law school exams

While I am still in law school, I want to record what happens around exam time. This is so I never forget how much work I put into each semester. Also so that I don't forget how crazy I was during the last few weeks.

At around a month before finals time, everybody starts going crazy, saying things like, "finals are just around the corner!" and "Sigh, I still haven't started studying yet." This shows you how anal we all have become, because, for instance, in undergrad, I would never have dreamed about studying for a test even a week before it started. Usually my studying started a few days before the actual test. In law school, I get nervous if I have not started studying a month from the test.

As the weeks draw closer, all of us furiously start making outlines. These outlines are from our notes, book, and sometimes commercial outlines. Yes, there is an entire industry of pre-made commercial law school outlines and study books. I even have pre-made flash cards for tests. Outlining usually takes me between an afternoon and about 3-5 days/class.

Once these outlines are finished, I try to pick a font in which to print them. Yes, I worry about that. Why? I really think it makes a difference in my studying! For instance, I use Ariel in Adoption law because it is a clean font, not too fancy, and down to business. I use Book Antiqua for Business Organizations because it is pretty and helps me to not be as scared of Shareholder Derivative Actions.

Once I spend about $40 printing my outlines that range from 40-140 pages each, I put them in a binder, read through them, and highlight things. Blue is for case names, Orange is for big headings, Green is for small headings, Pink is for rules, and Yellow is for important points. I have used up about 3 yellow highlighters during the past 3 weeks.

The last week of classes is so bittersweet. On the one hand, we are all glad to be finished with class. We clap for our professors. However, it means that the real crunch time has begun.

When it comes to be finals week, I pretty much lost track of the date. Sometimes I have to stop and think to remember even what day of the week it is. The entire calendar revolves around my exams. For example, instead of saying that it is Sunday, I think, "it is two days before Adoption law, and three days before my Business Organizations test." I also quit wearing things like jeans and opt for comfy work-out pants. I quit eating nutritional food and instead opt for things like Chinese take-out. Everything else is put on hold for studying.

Finally, on exam day, I wake up, go run, come back home, shower, eat my power smoothie (orange, banana, and strawberries with some ice), usually some leftovers, cereal, coffee, and drink water. I drive to my exam and usually get there about 30 minutes early. While in the room I study and/or talk with my classmates.

When it gets to be exam time the proctor comes into the room, we grab our tests, turn in our electronics (we aren't allowed to have cell phones with us), and start up our exam software. We all type our exams on our computer. Everybody spreads out: on a normal exam I have my outline, book, supplement of rules, my class notes printed, a yellow highlighter, a pen, pencil, Tylenol, crackers, and water. This sounds like a lot, but compared to other people who have multiple binders for their outlines I do not have a lot of items.

Most exams last three hours. I usually take a bathroom break every hour to get a little break in my thinking, otherwise, I am furiously typing away. I usually use the entire time given and go and sell my book after it is all over! It is my little bit of satisfaction for the craziness of the last few weeks for that class. After a test I am usually completely exhausted and feel like a zombie.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Current Events: Sex Ed

I am putting a little hold on Menu Monday. My attempts at making imaginary menus during finals week which I don't actually cook are laughable.

I felt like my last current events topic had a pretty good response so I plan on posting about current events when I see them. And I saw one.

Last Thursday I was watching the Today show when Bristol Palin came on (remember? she is the daughter of Sarah Palin, the Republican VP candidate, oh who am I kidding, my readers remember) and started talking about how she is a new face for some sort of anti-teen pregnancy campaign. I didn't really listen to her much, but it showed clips of her ex-boyfriend (or fiance? who really knows) on TV, talking about her pregnancy. When asked if they had sex in the governor's mansion, he replied that he was a gentleman and wouldn't "kiss and tell". Um...what? Sometimes it really interests me to see what people drum up for more publicity. If he didn't want to "kiss and tell", why was he on the TV talking about the entire deal in the first place?

But anyway, I digress. After seeing that on TV, I read this article by Gail Collins for the NY Times. Apparently Bristol is trying to get a message across to teens that they should try to avoid teen pregnancy. Even though it says in the article that she promotes an abstinence-only policy, it really did not come across that way in her interview.

I remember being in eighth grade and going to FACTS class. FACTS stood for something like Family and Consumer T? Sciences, which basically meant a quarter of fun stuff like baking, learning how to sew buttons, and making a recipe, but also a few weeks of sex ed. I remember watching the Miracle of Life, and seeing the part where they give you NO WARNING AND SHOW A WOMAN HAVING A BABY. Let me tell you: if you show that enough times to a bunch of eighth graders, it may scare them for a while. It was absolutely gut-wrenching. While in that class we learned about birth control methods, including abstinence. I think my friend Rach spent the entire few weeks of sex ed with her fingers in her ears.

If you do teach sex ed, do you think that a school/parent simply admits that they think that having sex and using birth control are okay? Or do you think that realistically, whether or not a school teaches it kids will do it, and it is better to teach it and give out the information to hopefully avoid some teen pregnancies rather than to not teach it at all and leave that sort of thing up to the parents?

What are your views on sex education? Do you think that it should be taught in schools?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to everybody out there who is a mom. You deserve a really nice day of relaxation and fun!

Unfortunately, due to finals, I am unable to spend the day with my mom. :( Luckily she is very understanding and supportive of me during law school. Having a supportive mom is invaluable and I really look up to my mother. She is a hard worker, a good friend, and a caring parent. Thanks for all that you do, mom! I love you!

Next I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to my grandma---she is also a very loving grandparent and very supportive of my law school as well. I definitely could not do as well without her encouragement. I love you grandma!

And finally, Happy Mother's day to my mother-in-law. You are also a great mother to my husband and I know that he really loves you. Thanks also for all of your understanding while we study and for your encouragement. I love you too!

Also Happy Mother's day to David's grandmas, Bert and Ruth, David's sister, Sarah, and all of my aunts.

Also Happy Mother's day to my faithful readers, including Juanita, Roro, L.J., Bethany, and Mrs. Miller, and Aunt Nancy (these are people who have commented in the last few weeks that I know of)! If I left anybody out, Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Fun thing Friday

Okay I know that I'm kind of going nuts with Menu Mondays and now Fun Thing Fridays, but I love blogs that feature fun products and things on the author's "wish list", so I decided to have a feature every Friday where I show you, my readers, something that is on my wish list or that I think looks cool.

This week I am featuring the new Tiffany Keys!
I think that these keys look like a fun necklace to have. I especially like the crown one that is second from the right.

What is on your wish list right now that you won't buy but want?

Image source

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Why David Prefers to study in the Library

...because someone comes and wants some attention if we stay home.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Our drain

David's been tinkering with the drain in our bathroom for a while now. Ever since we moved in, the drain has been incredibly slow. Finally, on Sunday morning he decided to treat the drain with Drain-O again. After that did not work, he took the stopper out and did some investigating on his own. This is what he found:Of course, I am getting the blame for "putting hair down the drain". Yes, David, I sit at the sink while you are gone and brush my hair down the drain and then stuff it down the sink. I maintain my position that the hair was there when we moved in this house.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New obsession

Roasted Red Pepper hummus (alert: not a garlic fest like most of the hummus I've tried before) with salty pita chips! Yummy!

This weekend

This weekend we did a lot of studying. On Saturday we woke up early and went to the library, where we stayed most of the day. We went to mass and then on Saturday night we finally watched Slumdog Millionaire. It was really great and if you have not seen it yet I highly recommend watching it! On Sunday we ran four miles and then studied for the rest of the day. Pretty uneventful!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Menu Monday

Monday: Leftover spaghetti
Tuesday: salmon and red wine vinaigrette salad
Wednesday: BLTs and Brussels sprouts
Thursday: Cod fillets and broccoli
Friday: leftovers

I'm still studying hard for my exams, so this may change very quickly into takeout food! We shall see if I actually stick with this menu this week.

Friday, May 01, 2009