Thursday, October 30, 2008


My little old law school has transformed over the past two days, as Obama is coming to speak right outside of it this evening! I love watching the transformation. Yesterday workers began roping areas, setting up TV screens, and setting up the stage. This morning they were assembling tents.

David and I plan to go, but will go after he gets off work, so I will honestly be surprised if we catch a glimpse of him. Apparently they expect people to start camping out for a spot at noon today. The law school will completely shut down (as in no people are allowed inside) at some point this late afternoon and evening. It is so exciting!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday afternoon

The leaves crunch under my feet as they pound on the trail. David is right beside me, striding; he could easily be far ahead, and yet he runs with me.

We continue along the familiar path, but now it seems different. The trees that were lush and green are now bare stalks and the forest floor is brown. Everything is an explosion of warm colors: reds, oranges, and yellows. The smell is intoxicating. It smells like that wonderful earthy smell that is achieved after turning over dirt mixed with bonfire.

Encountering people is interesting. All of the dogs look like their owners. Some have small, short dogs with stumpy legs. The owners are short. One dog is wet because his owner cares enough to let him enjoy the afternoon by finding the creek and letting him wade. The dog smiles at me as I pass him.

As always, we pass the rocky cliff, and as always, David comments that he would like to scale it—just once. As always, I give him a look and express my concern that scaling the cliff will end up with his being on a scale in the ER so that the doctor can give him his proper weight dose of meds. So we keep running.

We cross two bridges and then explode into the soccer field area. The trail snakes around immense fields that look abandoned. Two goals stand side by side, definitely not ready for someone to use them. The wind hits my face and as I bend my head to avoid it, I notice that my partner has ditched the trail and veered off into the fields.

I sigh because this annoys me. I always run faster when David runs next to me. Now, facing the wind alone and on the trail, I will slow down and probably end up walking. So, I, too, veer off the trail and into the field.

David does not see me for many minutes, and I watch his fact to see his reaction to my racing with him. When he sees me, a smile lights his face and he pretends to be an airplane, extending his arms and really almost lifting off the ground. He comes and we run together again.

We exit the field and run into a wild area full of prairie grasses that are trampled by the wind. Our feet crunch them further down and our steps leave an indelible mark.

Suddenly it all ends and we are at the creek, which, at the same time, looks rushing and calm. The scene is peppered with the reds and yellows of trees. We both stand, staring at the brook until I tag David and we race back to the trail together. This time the wind is at our backs and running is easier.

We run back and see a man on one of the footbridges, staring out at the creek. This creek is different; and yet the same. As I pass, I meet his eyes and even though we do not speak, I know that we have both experienced a beautiful sight that would not be possible if we had continued on our way without stopping.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dog Jog

A few weeks ago, David and I participated in the 2008 Dog Jog. The local Vet school hosted the event and my friend Rachel, who is a student there, convinced us to enter into the race. It was a ton of fun! Most people had large dogs and ran with them. They were so hilarious because the dogs generally got tired. David said that one man was in first or second place and his dog decided to take a rest 500 feet from the finishing line, so he was just standing there when David jogged by. Many people in my running group had to stop to let their dogs get a drink at the water station.

David won second place in the "People without a dog" category. We did not take Paco because we were afraid that he would not be able to survive the run, and we both wanted to try our hardest to get a time for the 5K.

My time was good...but let's just say that my mother (who is obviously older than me) recently clocked a BETTER 5K time than mine...which means that I need to get myself in gear so that I can at least tie with her in a race. Running the race taught me two things:
1. I CAN run faster than I normally do...I normally feel so slow while running that I just kind of give up on getting faster.
2. I should train to get faster...and also train to run farther. I used to run 4 miles 5 nights a week. Sometimes I would even run 6 or 7 miles. It was awesome, but now I feel like I am lacking motivation. Those were the days when I used to live at home and had a flat gravel road on which to run...but now I have to deal with traffic, sidewalks, and my route. I need to get back into that mindset of running farther so that I can get back into that great shape! Perhaps I will update you on my progress so that I have more motivation to run harder.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last Thursday David and I went to see Joe Biden speak. It was a lot of fun...I got tickets through the Democrat office in my town and luckily I got the last two tickets! The actual speech was in something like a park shelter, so the setting was very intimate.
Biden was a much better speaker in real life than I imagined from watching him on television. I have to say that he is probably in the top three best public speakers I've seen in this election cycle, along with Obama and Mitt Romney (although I saw Sarah Palin three days after she was named as VP, so her speaking skills were probably not at their best at the time). Biden did a good job of exciting the crowd. He spent a few minutes bashing his opponent, and then he went on to name and explain five important points to his campaign, including health care, higher education loans, the economy, international relations, and the environment. I enjoyed his speech because he actually laid out what he was going to accomplish rather than just attempting to rouse the crowd, which I felt was the point of the McCain rally we attended. However, I think that the main reason that this was even possible was because of Biden's smaller setting.
So this means that I have now seen all four presidential and vice presidential candidates in person!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sorry for the absence...

but I have been under the weather for a few days. It started out with a sore throat and escalated into a full-on cold. My interesting remedy for the sore throat? Boil 1 cup of water with 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper until mixed. After that, let it cool and gargle. It worked a miracle, people. My throat was killing me on Friday so I gargled. On Saturday morning my throat no longer hurt. This did nothing for my other symptoms and I still have a weak voice, but you should try it next time you have a sore throat. I have many updates for you, including seeing a vice presidential candidate, being disappointed by our football team, and running a very unusual race. But those must be saved until another day because I am off to inhale steam created by boiling water in order to clear up my congestion.

But just to be funny, here is what we did on Sunday afternoon:

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I found this on Katie's blog and thought I would give it a try!

For the Married

How long have you been married (or together)?
Married for a year and four months. We've been "together" for about 3.5 years. Wow.

Is this your first marriage?
Yes for both of us (I think).

Is it how you imagined it would be?
Yes, and even more fun.

What would you change?
I would have taught Thorina not to pee all over the house all the time at a younger age.

Are you married to your soul mate?
Yes, I think so!

What do you argue about the most?
Housework. David doesn't enjoy doing it (and I don't either...which is the source of the arguments). But mostly he's pretty good at helping.

What do you see eye to eye on the most?
Our values, how we want to raise our children, and how we both adore our two cats.

Where did you meet your spouse?
In the SUB at our college, during our fraternity's initiation. David had to stand behind me because he was shorter.

Where was your first date?
Our first official date was at Il Spazio, a restaurant, on my birthday.

Where were you when you became engaged?
At a park where we liked to joust on a balance beam.

What was your wedding song?
"What a Wonderful World" by Louie Armstrong. We picked it because it is short!

Who was in your wedding party?

My cousins, his siblings, my sibling, our friends.

Do you get along with the in-laws?

Whats your view on children?
We practically have three already. Seriously, we would love to have some in the future.

Does your spouse feel the same way?

Are you a 2 peas in a pod or opposites attract couple?
Opposites attract. I still sometimes wonder how we even dated because we are so different.

Do you go out without your spouse?
No, usually, unless I'm with my college friends!

How long are you away from your spouse before you start to miss him/her?
About 2 seconds.

Have you ever compared your spouse to someone you have dated in the past?

Do you trust your spouse?
Sometimes. I trust him with the obvious issues, but I do not trust him when it comes to being productive when I'm not home or not going to the library during a Book Sale.

Does your spouse trust you?
I think so, except when it comes to trusting me not to buy the cats Halloween costumes.

How well do you know your spouse’s favorites?
Very well. Insert a dragon and he loves anything.

How well does your spouse know your favorites?

Umm...that depends. He knows things like my favorite food but does not know things like my favorite piece of clothing or my favorite purse.

Do you get along with your spouses friends?
Yes. We are all friends.

Does your spouse get along with your friends?
Yes. Again, we are all friends.

Did you go on a honeymoon?
Yes. We went to the Lake of the Ozarks. In fact, Katie, we stayed at the Four Seasons because you did and said that you liked it!

Do you watch the same TV shows?
David doesn't really watch much TV, but he likes some shows that I do not think are very funny and I watch shows that he does not find funny.

Can you agree on Pizza toppings?
Yes. We both like a lot of meat, onions, green peppers, and mushrooms...but I usually end up picking off the cheese.

Who takes out the trash?

Who does laundry?
We actually both do laundry.

Who cooks dinner?

Me. Because the only thing he knows how to cook is a fried egg, and I don't like eggs!

Who is the first one to wake up in the morning?
On the weekdays, David. On the weekends, me.

Do you have any traditions?
We run every night together (almost). Does that count?

Is there anyone in your spouses family that you cant stand?
Yes. All of them. (Ssssshhhhhhh....) I'm kidding! :)

Anyone in your spouses family you adore?
My nieces and nephew.

Do you know your spouses passwords/pins?
Yes. ALL of them. Bawahahahahaha.

Does your spouse know your social security number?
Yes. But I don't know his...weird.

Do you ever nag your spouse?
Yes. See above questions relating to how he doesn't do jobs while I am gone.

Do you admit wrong doing?
Yes. It usually takes me a few hours/days, though. He is much better at that than me!

Does your spouse?
Yes, he does.

When is the last time you or your spouse bought each other flowers?
I can't remember. It was a long time ago...and I have never bought him flowers.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Tonight Arwen had major trauma.

My Dad is staying with us for the evening, and Arwen decided to venture onto the counter. Usually I just ignore her but my Dad and David both think that this type of behavior warrants discipline, so my Dad grabbed the spray bottle that David had prepared for disciplining kitties. He thought that it was set on "Spray" mode and he also thought that it contained water.

Unfortunately, it was not set on that mode and it did not contain water.

And unfortunately, he sprayed Arwen.

In actuality, the spray bottle was set on a straight shot mode, which we normally use for better aim. And in actuality, it contained a mixture of water and vinegar (cats HATE vinegar and someone (cough cough David) thought it would be a more memorable punishment with vinegar in it).

And unfortunately, it hit Arwen smack dab in the eye.

After realizing that Arwen had VINEGAR in her kitten EYE, I saw her running all over the house in a crazy fashion. She had no balance and no sense of direction. This was because she was in immense pain. Her little eye was red and shut.

Of course, my Dad felt horrible and tried petting her. This is where his college degree came in handy. From his animal husbandry days, he knew to rise out her eye with cold water, so I held her while he dumped water in her eye over and over at the sink. We petted her and I held her until she calmed down. My poor little girl!

Luckily, she recovered. In fact, she just spilled water on the floor so I must clean it up.

Monday, October 06, 2008

2 years

Today is the two-year anniversary of when David and I were engaged. Last night I remembered and told David and he said, " has gone by very quickly, hasn't it?" Yes, yes it has.

I feel like we have both changed a lot since that day two years ago. Now we both have a better idea of what we want to do with our lives. We are both more confident in our ideas and with ourselves. We have grown as individuals, which has made us grow closer together.

Sometimes I wonder how we started dating because of our numerous differences. David loves fantasy dragon books. I love reading the Shopaholic series. David enjoys savoring a treat for many days and I gobble mine up in one bite. He identifies with one political party, and I with the other. We do not enjoy the same movies. He leaves dirty dishes out all over the counter for the display of whoever walks in our house, and I like putting them in the sink.

However, our core values are the same. We respect each other, and rather than having one blurred household, we enjoy our distinctions and asserting our individuality. This year David started a new job and I became more involved in my school and we have both made new friends and expanded our horizons on our own.

But no matter how different we seem, how busy we become, or how much fun we have with others, I mostly look forward to when I get to see him again and be with him. I feel as giddy in love as I did two years ago.

I guess some things never change.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


This weekend we had a shower for my great friend Julie who is getting married in December and I thought that I would share a few pictures with you all! Planning the shower was so much fun. In the end, we decided to host a Bed and Breakfast themed shower where the guests were encouraged to bring a kitchen or bedroom themed gift. We also had breakfast food for our meal. Above is the dessert bar. Look at the cookies that my friend Jancin and I made! They are shaped like shoes and pink hearts. The hearts had Julie's new monogram on them in icing.

Here was our food spread. It makes me hungry just to look at it again!
We had quiche, hash brown casserole, french toast casserole, and fruit salad. Once she started opening presents, Julie had two special helpers (I am not sure why Claire looks as if she is wiping her eyes...she wasn't crying):
And then the entire group:
And finally, the beautiful Julie with her two helpers:
How much fun!!