Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today David, Peter, and I went to a John McCain rally. It was pretty exciting and fun. I usually do not like posting about politics on my blog, but I figured that posting pictures from a rally would not matter. In fact, it was exciting for me because I have now seen both of the candidates for president in person. I saw Obama in 2006 while I lived in D.C. for a summer, and so now I have seen McCain as well! David was extremely excited. He got us the tickets on Friday after hearing that McCain would be in St. Louis.

Here are fun signs that people held up for McCain:
And here is McCain and Sarah Palin. I had read a lot about Palin this spring, and liked what I read. She is certainly a fresh face for the Republican party:
Their speeches were interesting, although they spoke mostly about the Hurricane down south. I actually thought that Mitt Romney was the best speaker out of everybody.
There were 20,000 people in attendance at the rally today:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Best of Criagslist

( is a website where people can sell and buy items--it is like a classified ad that is also free. This ad is from The Best of Craigslist.)

Looking for a more out of the box way to excersize. Be the coolest guy on your street cutting the lawn with this bad boy. you can save gas and get those rock hard abs you always wanted. This bike will cut your grass to emaculate conditions. It comes stock with this excentric two tone seat. The rust on the mower gives it an antique look that will have the cat lady next door going wild for your loins. For Ten extra dollars i can throw in a basket and headlight. Is your kid bouncing off the walls, ile even throw in some training wheels so you can put him to work. This model is a three speed so you can really tear it up.

Found here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I saw this on another blog, and thought it would be fun to write as well.

Things with which I am obsessed (in no particular order):

- Cats (duh)
- Books
- Art Supplies
- shoes (somewhat)
- bags to hold my law school supplies
- exercising
- baths
- wine
- highlighters and pens
- bloody marys
- spending time with David
- traveling to Europe
- music
- education law

David's list includes these:
fair maiden (that's me!), fantasy, table tennis, books, politics (lately), physical prowess, programming (also lately), relaxing, the office, classic novels, children's poetry, games, paco

What are some things with which you are obsessed? (I know that everybody has something!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Reason why you should feel sorry for my husband: number 364

Today I had to take my poor kitty Thorina to the vet. I was not happy about this because the reason she had to go to the vet was because David wanted her declawed. Note that I did not want her declawed. I think that the declawing procedure is really cruel (I did research on it and it is similar to our having the tips of our fingers cut off) and not fair (even though Thorina may be able to survive in the wild if she ever got out, she wouldn't easily be able to hunt, climb, or have a normal kitty existence).

However, I had to allow it because when we got Arwen, I had to promise David that I would get both the cats declawed. For a year now, Thorina has been scratching: she scratches me (although this has subsided as of late, she scratches me when she is depressed or mad about something), Arwen, and the carpet (so much that it is up off the floor).

So this afternoon I sent David this email:

Kitty Thorina is very very nervous about the vet. Are you sure that you won't reconsider forcing her to get the tips of her fingers cut off?

and he replied:

I think that it has to be done. We should try to have a united front in this...

and so I loaded Thorina into the cat carrier and put her in the car. This is when it really got bad.


So I did what any other normal human would do: I called David, the source of this chaos, and put him on speakerphone, so he could experience the level of desperation the kitty was experiencing because of the procedure. Thorina didn't stop yelping during the entire car ride to the vet's office. When we got there, I had to say good-bye to her. The poor thing cowered in the back of her carrier, terrified.

I really hope that Thorina does not despise me forever. The poor kitty!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Starting up again

School starts for me again tomorrow. I am pretty excited about this semester. I am taking Constitutional Law, which I think I will enjoy a lot, Education law, Family Law, Family Violence and Advocacy, and Evidence. I really think I will enjoy all of my classes. Today I am reading for tomorrow and we will go on a bike ride. Yesterday we ran almost 6 miles, which was a really long run for me. We had to stop and walk a few times, but we made it in the end. Afterwards we tried to go to the library to study, but we were so sweaty and gross that it did not work out very well. Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Letter to myself

I saw a friend do this, and thought it would be a fun exercise. I really do not have many regrets in life, because I truly believe in living every single day in a way that I won't have regrets. But, if I could write a letter to my past self, I would include the following advice:

-- Dear Abbie in Junior High: The Backstreet Boys are not as cool as you think they are...and it is probably unnecessary to decorate your entire room with their pictures and spend hours each night printing off more pictures of them. It just drives your parents nuts.

-- Dear Abbie in Sophomore year of college: Take Greek pass/fail. You won't need the credits, and you aren't gonna get the best grade in the class....

-- Dear Abbie in her Freshman year of college: declare an Art minor. You'll have time to complete it. And you will like it!

-- Dear Abbie while studying abroad: Don't miss David quite so much. You will get married to him, and someday he will not to the dishes and you'll think, "man, remember how I used to cry and really get homesick for this?" Haha...just kidding, David! This is one thing that I think some people would say should be a regret of mine: I was homesick while studying abroad so much for David, and I think that some people may think it was silly. However, it made me realize how much I love him and I think that I am now a happier person because I missed him so much. Does that make sense? Haha...maybe not, but going on...

-- Dear Abbie at the Lake this year: Yes, you should buy the orange strappy sandals. You will want them later.

-- Dear Abbie when she was very young: Enjoy every minute of your childhood. It slips through your fingers too quickly.

If I think of more, I will add them. What is some advice you would give yourself if you could?

Saturday, August 16, 2008


My new niece, Alexandra Jane, was born on Thursday! I am so excited to see her...I am going on Monday to visit her and her family. I may even get to go to a fun park with her brother and sister, which makes me even more excited! Having nieces and nephews being born is a ton of fun. I can't wait to meet her. Isn't she precious?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A star

Today I was filmed for a commercial!! My mom's friend Val works in a university office here in town and got me and my friend Rachel a gig doing this commercial for Mizzou.

First we went to the tiger statue on campus and met the group. There were a ton of people there and we had to try out for a solo part by saying: "With the biggest freshman class in our history!" while pumping our fists in the air. Neither of us got the solo part, but we were in other shots.

In one shot, we yelled, "we're Mizzou!" in the big group. In another, we chanted, "M-I-Z!" and then "Z-O-U!" I was in the front row for two shots, and then was not in the third shot where the girl said the freshman line.

I do have a newfound appreciation for movie starts, though. We had to do so many takes and I wore a khaki skirt, so I was kneeling on concrete and it hurt! My friend Rach said, "just imagine: some people do this for a living," and we agreed that we picked the right professions. It was a ton of fun, though. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be in it!

Soooo....if you want to see my debut into stardum, you can watch the Mizzou v. Illinois game on ESPN on August 30. The commercial is supposed to air during that game. When the commercial airs, look for the big group of students in front of the tiger statue, and then look in the front row. I'm on the right, kneeling, with a black shirt with gold letters that says, "Mizzou". Let me know if you see me!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend adventures

We had a wonderful weekend. On Friday evening we had two friends over, barbecued, and watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Saturday we woke up and decided to go on a trail run and make a stop at the farmers market, which was really fun. We had eye appointments that afternoon, went to church and then finally to the grocery store. In the meantime, we cleaned out the garage to make way for our new deep freeze, which is officially the first major appliance we have bought in our married life (excluding the appliances that came with our house). That evening, we had a wonderful barbecue at Dan and Bethany's house (our neighbors), which was really fun and tasty. They are really great neighbors and we are lucky that they are nice and friendly! We hope to invite them to our house sometime soon.

On Sunday, we woke up and decided to ride our bikes on the Katy trail, which is near our house. Overall we rode around 25 miles, which was amazing. My bottom is very sore, however, because my seat is very, very hard. We packed a picnic for lunch and ate while watching the Missouri River!

Other notable events from the bike ride included my getting hit in the eye by a flying grasshopper and our seeing a black snake. Image found here.

Ohhhh it was scary! David saw him first and said, "watch out! there is a snake on the trail!" If he had not said anything, I may have run the snake over. Instead I yelped and swerved over to David's side, and the snake slithered away. It was very scary! The snake could have probably just reached up and bitten my ankles if I wasn't careful!

On Sunday night I went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants part 2 with one of my friends. It was very good! Last night we went to bed at 9:45 because we were so exhausted from riding.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Buda!

My goal is to finish blogging about our trip and order a Blurb book before I start school, so I better get cracking! There were so many beautiful sights on Castle Hill in Buda, but I believe that most of it was newer and it was also very touristy. It was actually funny because we spotted numerous Americans carrying Rick Steve's Guide to Eastern Europe.
Tourists in the glass of the Hilton Hotel:

From home today

My bosses kindly agreed to let me work from home today, so I was able to make a delicious stir-fry lunch of salmon, home-grown zucchini (thanks again, Grandma and Grandpa!), my home grown tomato, and onion. Mmmm.....sooo tasty and such a great change from the usual spinach salad that I enjoy.

Garden vegetables: yet another reason why I love summer.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Don't forget to vote tomorrow. If you don't, you are giving up the right for you to voice your own opinion. You and your preferences matter. So go out and cast your ballot!

Also, tonight's fun summertime activity: white wine on our new deck. So tasty, cold, and beautiful to watch the shooting stars. I am enjoying summer VERY much.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


This weekend has been pretty busy (much like ALL of our weekends this summer). On Friday David and I attended one of his work functions, which was a lot of fun. We toured an art district in the city where he works, ate some good food, and went out to an awesome new district in the city's downtown. Fun fun fun.

On Saturday, we woke up bright and early and headed to my hometown, where we got to have lunch with my grandparents and hang out with my family a bit. After that, we attended my 5-year high school class reunion!

It was so much fun! I loved seeing a lot of people who I haven't seen (literally) since I walked across the stage. Out of 43 graduates in our class, 18 came to the reunion, which I think is pretty good. It was also interesting to see what a lot of my classmates were doing. So many of them have cool jobs or families. I really enjoyed seeing everybody.

Also, on Friday, my rash that I get every year appeared again. It itched so badly and crept onto my hands, feet, legs, and arms. Plus, it made me look really amazing for my reunion and David's work party. Blech.