Friday, June 06, 2008

So..piload the .yeah... (part of this title courtesy of Thorina, who walked on the keyboard)

So apparently I am not very good at updating about the trip. Let's just say that it will get done but not necessarily on a time schedule. How about that? Right now the huge amount of time it takes to upload the pics is kind of daunting.

But can I also just say that this no law school-summer time thing is wonderful? Almost every day I wake up with a little pinch of nerves, thinking, "what do I have to read today?" or I think to myself, "okay, I will go to the farmer's market tomorrow...and then read..." but I DON'T HAVE ANY READING! It is soooo nice.

Tonight I'm going out for some Mexican (hopefully with margaritas!) with some friends. Tomorrow David and his brother are working on building our deck, and on Sunday we are having my family for an early father's day celebration. It will be a great weekend!

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Kathy said...

Do you think you will be enjoying your Fathers' Day supper on the beautiful brand-new deck, or is that a long term project?!