Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Romanian Castle

After visiting the Hungarian baths, we wandered to this cool replica of a Romanian castle, which was in the same park as the bath we visited. I think that David enjoyed seeing it a lot.
Isn't this pretty?
I think there was a museum and a restaurant in here, but we did not explore the insides of any of the buildings.
This statue is of Anonymous, an author who anonymously recorded some Hungarian history long ago. David especially enjoyed that story and this statue:
As you can see, a class field trip wanted to get a closer look.

After we explored this area, we walked back down the long long street and went into the Opera house, where we bought tickets for the next night to see Don Carlos. The cool thing was that the tickets were only like $2/each! After that we headed to dinner, where the boys both got pizza and I had some pasta. Finally, we went to bed and rested for another day of sightseeing.


Shawn said...

oh my gosh I feel like I'm on vacation looking at your pics!

Kathy said...

Isn't Don Carlos the opera the troupe is performing in Phantom of the Opera? I love your pictures!

kisa said...

I believe that the show in Phantom of the Opera is Don Juan, actually.

Kathy said...

Oh, shoot, Davey, I think you're correct. Have you recently taken a class on Broadway Theatre Appreciation?!