Tuesday, June 03, 2008


We left for Dublin on a Monday. That morning I decided to run at my mom's house so that I would get some exercise at least before sitting for hours and hours. We first went to Chicago and then on to Ireland without any real problems. The boys were excited about the selection of movies on the plane during our 7-hour flight into Ireland. I tried to sleep and probably got around 4-5 hours, which was pretty good! We landed in Dublin at around 8:00 a.m. I immediately left to get some coffee and David and Peter bought bus tickets and we rode the bus into the City Center! We found our hostel without much trouble and were able to drop our luggage, wash our faces, and take a little break before heading into the city.

Our plan for the day was to not sleep until it was bedtime in Dublin, which was a pretty smart move, but it made for a pretty groggy day on Tuesday.

For some reason, blogger won't let me upload any more pics, so I will update tomorrow!

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