Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Monster picture overload! (Dublin- part 1)

The next few posts will probably be huge overloads of pictures!

When we first got into Dublin, we found our hostel, which was really nice. After cleaning up a bit from our hugely long flight, we decided to walk around and see some of the sights. After being in Dublin with my friend Colleen while studying abroad, I knew that only a few days in Dublin would be enough to see the sights, so we only scheduled two real days in the city, with this being the only full day.

First, we walked to Trinity College, the big college in Dublin, where the Book of Kells is located. After being in Dublin twice, I still have yet to see this famous book thing (I really am not sure what it is). But anyway, we saw the library and the boys wanted to take a picture there because their mom is a librarian. We walked around some more, acting like fun college kids and not the tired zombies that we were.

After that, we decided to walk down Grafton Street, the *ahem* famous shopping street in Dublin. And we happened to pass by Topshop, my favorite clothing store in the world. Oh man....what a coincidence. It wasn't like I remembered exactly where Topshop was from my last trip because the location was implanted in my mind like a mother ship calling its beings back home...oh no. We just happened to walk right past and it just happened to be open, and since we saw it, I had to walk through it just to get a feel for the inventory before my big shopping day. (The boys were less than impressed.)

After pulling me out of Topshop, we explored a park and then decided to head to St. Patrick's Cathedral. The Cathedral was beautiful! (Here is a tip for all tourists. If you want to go to church, you should go to the Cathedral during one of the service times and they let you in for free. Colleen and I did this the last time and it was great. Actually, I would recommend this for all churches in Europe. It is fun to see the different services around the world and you get to see the insides of the places, and you can just make a donation to help them maintain the building.)

After the Cathedral, we headed to Dublin Castle, where we acted like guards and I finally found a public restroom. After the Castle, we decided to have a lunch of traditional fish and chips, which was delicious after having nothing to eat since the plane ride.

After lunch, we checked our email to tell our parents that we made it safely and then went to our hostel to shower. Even though we really wanted a nap, we forced ourselves to stay awake so that we could sleep well that evening.

We then walked to the National Art Museum, which was really cool to see. I love art museums and even David enjoyed the artwork (supposedly)! When the museum closed, we decided to grab a quick supper and go to a pub to get a Guinness. This was so fun---in my opinion, Guinness is so much better in Ireland than in the United States, so if you do not like Guinness and travel to Dublin, be sure to get it anyway for the experience. It supposedly takes at least 3 minutes to properly pour a pint.

After the Guinness (or two!) we headed to bed. We had a bit of an issue that night---we slept over twelve hours and I awoke to David's saying, "Peter? What time is it?!?" and then the maid's knocking on the door. We scurried out of bed, as it was past the check-out time, quickly gathered our stuff and scooted out the door. That morning we walked around the Temple Bar area and had a Traditional Irish Breakfast. Here, poor Peter felt like a true tourist when we got our menus and he asked the waiter, "What are Home fried Potatoes?" and the waiter looked at him like a weirdo and said, "um....chips..." as if he wanted to say, "duh you stinking tourist!" It was funny and one of the many touristy things we said on the trip.

After our funny breakfast we went back to the hostel, gathered our items, and went to the airport for the next leg of our fun trip!


Kathy said...

Oh, Abbie, I love reading the story of your fun adventure, and seeing your neat pictures! I am tickled at the picture of "the boys" in front of the library.

David's Grandma said...

Abbie and David,
I'm loving the blog pictures of Ireland. They are bringing back very happy memories.
Grandma Iffrig