Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hungarian Baths

My number one item to accomplish while in Budapest was going to a Hungarian bath. It took a lot of walking, but it was sooo worth it! Now that I have been I wish that we had these in America (or at least by where I live) because it was so relaxing.

First, we bought a ticket at the ticket window for one cabin and three people. When we went into the cabin area, we gave our tickets to the attendants and they gave us a changing cabin. Once we were all in our suits, we went outside to the pool area, where there were three pools: one of warm water, one of cooler water (but still warmer than an American swimming pool) and one of hot water (that felt like a hot tub).
We stayed for about two hours, and did not even explore the other spa areas available, which I think included a mud bath and other fun treatments. The water pouring from the fountains in the pools served as massages for those who stood under them, and many whirlpools and jets made them so relaxing. Plus, it was fun watching the old men playing chess on the side of the pool!

We had a great time doing this. If you ever head to Budapest, this is a must-see!


Kathy said...

That sounds really neat. It looks like Peter came in handy taking cute pictures of you and Davey!

Shawn said...

wow I wish we had that in the states also!