Friday, June 13, 2008

Bumper crop

Our garden has been doing wonderfully for its first year, which makes me really happy. Last night I went outside and picked spinach and lettuce leaves for our supper. It is really fulfilling to eat the food that you plant and grow. Hopefully next year we can expand a bit and maybe build a better garden. We think we will have onions, peas, radishes, and tomatoes besides the greens.
And finally, here is some news that I have been waiting to share:
Please welcome the newest member of our growing zoo, Arwen. Arwen is as sweet as can be and so fun and tiny. At first she was not well-liked by Thorina and Paco (Paco mostly because he seemed a bit afraid of this bundle of energy, Thorina just because she is kind of mean), but now they are both warming up to her cute furriness and will hopefully love her as much as we do!

And finally---this Sunday is Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to my dad! He is seriously probably the greatest dad ever (not that I'm biased). I am very excited for him because he recently got a new job, working in an area that he loves, which makes me very proud. We had a father's day celebration at our house in his honor last weekend. Like my mom, I am very thankful of how much he supports me and David. We could not ask for a more supportive family.

Also--Happy Father's Day to my grandpa! I wish that I still had the goofy card that I sent to him because I think it was funny (it featured some very weird-looking cats). But I always appreciate his fun conversations whenever I see him.

And finally, Happy Father's Day to Tom, in father-in-law. We will actually be spending this weekend with him and the rest of David's family, which should be fun.


Shawn said...

Yum!!!! We are growing some lettuce too it tastes so good! Your new kitty is so cute!

Kathy said...

We did have an extremely fun weekend. Congratulations to Kerry on the new job!