Monday, May 12, 2008

Kitty is having a rough day today

Kitty is having a rough day today. The weather is absolutely amazing and she wants to be outside. Why don't I let her just play outside? Because she runs to the sewer and into the neighbor's yard when I am not looking. She is lashing out against my authority by scaling the patio door screen to be sure there are not any holes at the top out of which she can escape. Every time, she does not find a hole and then looks back at me as I rush to take her down and says, "meroooorrr?" meaning, "It is unconscionable that you do not allow me outside to play. Please rescind your decision to make me be an indoor cat and I promise that I will not be unjustly enriched."

Did I mention that I have a contracts final today? (hence all the contracts terms above)


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I can find all the contracts terms! Let's see...





Did I find them all? :-D

Rachel said...

Hey Ab-
Good luck on your contracts final!!
Try throwing water on the cat to keep her off the screens.

Holly said...

I once had a 100lbs husky that would make holes in my screen. He didn't mean to walk through it. Ok yes he did. But he was cute so he got away with it every time. So just be glad that it's a cat and not a dog. lol