Thursday, May 29, 2008

I tricked you!

For the last ten days, my husband, his brother, and I have been gallivanting around Europe. How did I continually post, you ask? The magic is in Blogger's schedule a post function. It is pretty amazing since it allowed me to write posts before I left and then post them on scheduled days.

But enough of that: what about the trip? We went to Dublin and Kilkenny, Ireland, and also to Budapest, Hungary. I especially loved Budapest. It felt so good to be back in Eastern Europe for a while. Being there reminded me of how much I love that part of the world, including the people and the beautiful sights. I also liked remembering my old studying abroad days and how much they really changed my outlook on life. The boys also loved Budapest: both named it as their favorite city, which surprised me. I chose that city because I had not been there, and I was a tad worried that they would be let down because we didn't do something else like Paris or Munich or another more common European destination. However, it worked out really well, and it was great to have another Eastern European Adventure.

Ireland was a lot of fun as well, and I really liked Kilkenny. Seeing that smaller town made me want to explore more of the Irish countryside, and I hope to go with my family sometime. Dublin was fun, but I had already been there once, so it was not as new as the other destinations.

The trip was so wonderful. It only rained one day, which was amazing. We had great luck with hostels and our flights/trains all being on time. I thank my lucky stars that I married someone who is as adventurous as me and who likes to travel as much as I do so that I can keep feeding my favorite pastime. We all had a great time together and have many funny stories to share.

I can't wait to get my hundreds of pictures off my camera for you to see, but for today I will be catching up on sleep and working on a school project. Happy Thursday!

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kisa said...

It certainly was a great trip!