Friday, May 30, 2008

HS Grad

Today I head off for a weekend with my friends--we are so excited to see the fun new Sex and the City movie! We are hoping to score tickets this afternoon, possibly drink some cosmos, and then head to the movies for girly fun! David is thanking the Lord that this girly weekend landed on the opening weekend of SATC so that he does not have to sit through two hours of Carrie and Mr. Big breaking up and getting back together and shoe shopping. Instead, he plans to take it easy and hang out with one of his friends at home.

Before I blog about our trip, though, I wanted to blog about my brother's graduation (if you will allow me to be a braggy sister for a minute). We went to it the Sunday before we left, and it was great! I am so proud of him. He received many awards for sports, academics, and citizenship. Really, he is an all-around great guy who tries to be sincerely nice to everybody. Next year, he will head off to college to possibly carry on the family tradition and major in accounting. Most of my cousins have majored in either finance or accounting. I didn't (I majored in Classics and English), and felt like a rebel in the family, but then I married Mr. Moneycounter, David, who also majored in Accounting, which probably canceled out my rebelliousness.
But anyway, I am very proud of Ryan and all of his accomplishments. Plus, isn't he rather good looking as well?

Congratulations, Ryan!

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