Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Double Whammy

Two for today since I forgot yesterday:
This robin's nest was at my brother's track meet a few weeks ago. I love the color of the eggs!!! Taking pictures of the nest was a lot of fun, but challenging because it was actually perched on the very tippy top of bleachers. Just imagine my attempting to capture this while balancing on rickety stairs that were very, very high and you will get the picture.

I think that I can officially say that photography is a hobby for me now. I know that I am not technically good, but I really enjoy taking pictures of what I think is beautiful. Hopefully I can ascertain my own style and then work on the other stuff.

Here is an example of a not very great photograph, but a pretty great dog (who has thrown up twice in the last 24 hours and who has also begun a routine of waking up at 3:08 every night to shake, jump on the bed, walk on my hair, and make himself comfortable on my pillow):


Holly said...

Cute dog. Sounds like my dog. Except mine is probably way more spoiled.

Kathy said...

I just love the pretty bird nest picture. We have a mama bird sitting on a nest on top of a ladder on our patio and I wish we could peek inside.