Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not arriving, on our way back home

I think this picture is pretty cool. I like how everything looks like it is moving except for the dash.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Double Whammy

Two for today since I forgot yesterday:
This robin's nest was at my brother's track meet a few weeks ago. I love the color of the eggs!!! Taking pictures of the nest was a lot of fun, but challenging because it was actually perched on the very tippy top of bleachers. Just imagine my attempting to capture this while balancing on rickety stairs that were very, very high and you will get the picture.

I think that I can officially say that photography is a hobby for me now. I know that I am not technically good, but I really enjoy taking pictures of what I think is beautiful. Hopefully I can ascertain my own style and then work on the other stuff.

Here is an example of a not very great photograph, but a pretty great dog (who has thrown up twice in the last 24 hours and who has also begun a routine of waking up at 3:08 every night to shake, jump on the bed, walk on my hair, and make himself comfortable on my pillow):

Monday, April 28, 2008

Freedom Isn't Free

My parents bought a truck from an older man in our town, who was pretty patriotic. He had a ton of stickers on his truck, including this one.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fields of Purple and Old Fence

Yay! I finally uploaded my many new photos and now have lots to show you. These pictures were taken on the way to my brother's track meet a few weeks ago. We were worried that it would be rained out (for obvious reasons), but it did not start to storm until we got home.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


My Grandma gave me this pot of chives a few weeks ago and it started growing like crazy. I really enjoy being able to go outside and cutting fresh chives for recipes. All of our plants are growing like crazy now, which is incredibly fun to watch--luckily, it is warm enough to keep them outside rather than inside where the cat plays with them.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I know this isn't the best picture of Pax, but I haven't posted one for a while and I am also running out of pictures. It is time to upload some new ones!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From a seed to a plant

David and I planted these small plants for our garden this year. Now, about a week and a half later, we have some sprouts! It is very exciting for us. The onions seem to be sprouting the best, with tomatoes coming in second. Hopefully we will see some action today from the other varieties of plants.

Interestingly, the title refers to my second grade science project in which I showed the various stages of seed germination. It was pretty cool.

Monday, April 21, 2008


For some reason, Thorina is super nice in the mornings (usually). I guess she is a morning cat. Yesterday we stayed home all day long, which was amazing. We studied and then ran a long run, worked in the garden and on our flower beds, David mowed, and then we cooked on the grill for supper. The pets loved romping around the yard. I hope your Monday is a great start to a beautiful week!

P.S.- I could not decide which I liked best--the Sepia tone or the color picture, so I posted both!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two pictures today, since I forgot yesterday...

The above picture is one that was taken over Easter weekend, again, on the way from David's parents' house to my parents' house. The sunset was really cool at that time.

The picture below was sneakily taken by David as I was preparing a flower bed in our front yard. I am hoping to get more gardening in today! Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 18, 2008


We have been studying a ton lately. David is, of course, perpetually studying for his actuary exams, and I have been studying for finals lately. After she burns some energy, our kitty enjoys jumping into our laps and relaxing.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Highway at Sunset

I took this picture on the way to my parents' house from David's house. I know that it is blurry, but I liked how the house in the background is perfectly visible.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A picture a day?

Well, I have a bunch of pictures to show you, but blogger is not letting me upload more than one picture at a time as of late. Since I am too lazy to upload a bunch of pictures separately, I came up with the idea of having a picture a day since I will also be busy with finals and it will make for easier posting. We will see how it works.

Above is a picture of our herb garden after it survived two cat demolitions and a hail storm. It is still going strong and sprouting Cilantro, which will be delicious in salsa and other recipes this summer. I can't wait to have fresh garden vegetables again!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Easter Pictures

I know that my Easter posting is long overdue, and I promise to get more pictures up and running after a while, but first here is the obligatory posting of the fruits of our annual lamb cake decorating extravaganza, only this time, made with my very own lamb cake pan. Thanks again, Mrs. Miller! You will be glad to know that your wedding gift was used this year!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Paco is with my friend Rachel tonight, as she wants to use him as she learns how to examine dogs. He seemed quite happy to be away from our home and with other dogs when I dropped him off at her house, probably because at our house he feels an omnipresent force about him:David made cookie dough tonight that was quite tasty. Today, I made some Jambalaya, except I left out the sausage and chicken and instead added beans. It probably wasn't really the same, but it tasted really good nevertheless, so we did not care.

This afternoon David and I planted all of our seeds for our garden into tiny cups so that they would sprout and be healthy for the big transplant into our garden. We planted tomatoes, onions, peppers, and eggplant. Hopefully we will have sprouts and a fruitful garden!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Moot point

This week I have been very busy with Moot Court at law school. Moot court is a competition among the 1Ls where we present a fake case to an "appellate court" (really three local attorneys, professors, or students). I had my first round on Tuesday evening and then was able to advance to the second round, which was last night.

During the days leading up to the competition, I really dreaded having to compete. I just did not want to go because it made me so nervous! Everybody knows how nervous I get when I have to speak in front of people---my friends have told me that I should not go into litigation and instead practice in an area where I do not actually need to appear in court because I go crazy with worry.

This competition is even worse, however, because while you have an outline that you need to read and argue, the judges are able to interrupt and ask you questions whenever they want. So you may be talking and then one of them starts talking and you have to be quiet and listen---and their questions are not necessarily on the same point you are discussing. Plus they have lots of cases about which they can ask you, and if you have not read the case to which they refer, you are in trouble.

However, these competitions were a lot better than I expected. On Tuesday, I actually enjoyed discussing my case with the judges, and yesterday I really got into playing the attorney for my client. David got to come watch me last night and I think he was impressed.

When I finished, my judges told me that I should be a jury trial lawyer, because I did a great job spinning the case so that the other side seems like they just want money, and also because I kept my arguments pretty emotional and theatrical. Unfortunately, this was not the point of this competition, because when you go to real appeals court there is no jury to impress, but rather a group of judges with whom you discuss law and who are not easily swayed with emotion.

Also, apparently I did not have enough deference for the judges, which stemmed from my referring to questions they had asked my opponent and construing it as their "admitting" my facts, which is apparently not good practice. I also accidentally referred to them as "you all" at one point. Oops....I was just excited!

This is so funny because nobody (even me) would probably pick me out as being someone who may enjoy trial practice, but after last night and having a more fun with the competition than I expected, I have an open mind about the possibility. Speaking in front of a court was a lot of fun, and apparently I am not horrible at it, so I will look forward to more competitions in the future.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


The end of my first year of law school has provided many changes with my friends. Some are figuring out the kind of law they want to practice, and another is moving away and going to commute every day to school, and another of my closest law friends is contemplating quitting law school.

This has of course affected me somewhat, and has made me take a step back and attempt to figure out if I am in school for the right reasons as well. Do I enjoy the reading? Yes. Do I like class? Yes, as long as I am not being called on that day, because then I have a major freak out session where I ask all of my friends to help me---but I always end up fine in the end. Do I think that I will like the profession? Yep. Do I think I have a realistic outlook about what is going to happen to me after law school? I think so.

In my opinion, the reason that so many attorneys do not like their job is because so many people go to law school for the wrong reasons. I once had a Business Law professor in college ask the class if there was anybody who wanted to go to law school. I raised my hand, and then he told us that we should promptly make an appointment with him to discuss the issue. I thought, "why not?" so I emailed him and went to his office.

The first thing he asked me was why I was going to law school. I told him that I wanted to go because I had worked for a small firm in my college town for years and I thought that I would enjoy the work. I loved the fact that every single day I would learn something new, and the thought of effectively being a continuous student really appealed to me. I thought that I would enjoy the research, the court visits, the communication with clients, and the writing.

He looked at me and said, "Good then. You will be fine." He went on to explain that so many people go to law school because it is just something to do. For instance, someone may be a Psychology major and decide that he or she does not want to attend Psych grad school. What is their other option with that degree? Law school. Some other people have parents who push them into law. Their children graduate with a degree in English and the parents panic, thinking that their kid will have some menial job forever if they don't go to law school. So they convince their kid that they should go into law, and it is a disaster.

After almost completing a year of law school, I certainly agree with my professor. Some of my classmates came to law school because their parents pushed them to do so, and even more came because they felt like there were no other options for them after graduation. If you are going to law school for these reasons, or your child is going to law school for these reasons, then please reconsider the plan. Law school is not that enjoyable for people who do not actually love law.

Anyway, I feel that once we started school, those who did not enjoy the experience were afraid of quitting. They are afraid that people would think that they could not handle it, or that they quit for some other goofy reason. These same people talk about how happy they will be when they quit, or, if they have quit already, how happy they were after they quit. These predictions of happiness may be true, but I think that they are really just an indication that maybe it wasn't right for these people in the first place. It took me a while to realize this, because I keep hearing the stories about how happy people are when they quit, which puts an entirely negative spin on my choices.

But, after reading articles about people who have quit and personally knowing a lot of these people, I still feel extremely confident with my choice, but perhaps for different reasons than when I sat in my professor's office years ago. Now I realize that getting a job right out of college just wasn't for me. I love being a student and learning new things, and I really do not think that I was really ready to start a career last May. Sure, that is kind of a silly reason, but an important one: I just do not see myself being happy working right now. Secondly, I still love the learning aspect: in a course of a day, I may read cases about health issues, theft issues, or perhaps even about employer issues. I am pretty confident that this will continue when I actually practice as well.

Finally, I love the opportunities I will have when I graduate. I am pretty sure that I will either want to work in a public service capacity or work in a small to medium sized firm. Both of these will allow me to help people, whether it is on a one-on-one basis where I help people who really need the law (like someone in a Contract dispute) or it is on a broader basis (like working at a non-profit or in a government capacity).

It is sometimes hard for me to understand why someone wants to quit law school because I think that it is really fun. Sure, I have days where everything seems so tedious and hard, but overall, I am so happy that I chose the path I chose. This makes it hard for me to listen to my friends who do not like it as much, who seem to try to put as many negative arguments about law school and the law profession on the table in order to fully justify their leaving school (including the massive loans, the attitudes of some attorneys, how boring the job is, etc.). So while they feel like there is a stigma with quitting school, I feel like they are creating a stigma for those staying in school.

So when my thoughts and their arguments often conflict, I remind myself to take a step back and remember that everybody deserves to be happy with their life. The people who want to quit law school need to quit if it makes them happy, and if staying in school makes me happy, then no amount of persuasion from the other parties should affect my decision.

As my friend contemplates leaving (and I think she is leaning toward not coming back next year), I have to remind myself that her decision to stop does not make my decision to stay wrong. And, as I see her getting closer and closer to saying goodbye, I wish that nobody went to law school unless they really thought that they would enjoy it. I also wish that those who chose to quit did not feel like they had to justify their decision to anybody else but themselves.

So, as I begin my final four weeks of my first year, I am still excited and honored to be a part of such a wonderful profession---and I am going to stay in school, no matter how many people remind me of how long it will take to pay back my loans!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fool's Day!

Yes, that last post was definitely an April Fool's joke. I hope you all enjoyed it!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Meow meow meow

Hello humans:

This blog has officially been taken over by me, Thorina. From now on, I will be posting all posts, which, of course, will be cat-related. I hope you enjoy my tails (pun intended) of my lair.

Right now there is nothing happening on the premises except my nemesis, a certain Paco, is sitting on the couch staring at me. What a lug.

After doing my usual rounds of inspections to be sure that everything was in compliance with the regulations, I took a nap and then observed passing humans out the window. My owner came home and gave me a treat, and now I keep wanting to play with my pink leash but she seems to be too thick to understand that. So I instead took over her computer.

Tune in for my post tomorrow---be sure you come back to read it.

With all my meows,