Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sorry for the long absence. It isn't like I have been totally busy: after all, I was on spring break. But I didn't really want to update a ton. Maybe I needed a spring break from updating!

This past week has been wonderful. I LOVED not having any class. On Monday and Tuesday I just lazed around the house and got my hair done. On Wednesday I went to St. Louis with a friend and shopped, and then on Wednesday night David and I went to the Lake for a mini-vacay, which was fun. It was nice to get away fro a while, but we ended up coming home a day early just because we wanted to spend time at home.

On Friday, we headed to our old college town and enjoyed seeing friends at our old fraternity's Alumni weekend. It was a very fun reunion. Last night the fraternity hosted a formal, so we went to that and then came home today. Tonight I can't decide if I want to work on homework and catch up a bit more or if I want to enjoy the last tiny bit of my break and relax. Relaxing sounds so enticing that I think that I may pick that option! Happy Sunday!

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golfer said...

glad you enjoyed your break.