Thursday, March 06, 2008


I love March and think that it is my favorite month. I love it because it is my birthday month and also the month centered around the coolest holiday in the world, St. Patrick's Day. But it is also a very wonderful month because it signals the start of spring.

This week has been a prime example of why I love March--spring is trying to come (very slowly). This weekend, David and I enjoyed bike rides, runs, and walks around our neighborhood. We love being able to take walks at night with Pax. This outdoor time could not have come a moment too soon: feeling the sunshine is so wonderful after having winter is so invigorating. We were talking last weekend about the seasons, and how we are always ready for summer and for the fun outdoor activities, and we always enjoy winter with skiing, snow days, and the beautiful outdoor scene, but we especially never tire of fall or spring. The beauty that both seasons provide is fantastic, and it is so interesting to me that the beauty comes at a time of hopefulness for growth (spring) and then a time of saying goodbye to a season of growth (fall).

Soon we will prepare to plant flowers and perhaps a little garden. We will start planning our summer house projects and our summer runs. In doing so, we will say goodbye to a season of rest and slumber.

The cycles of our seasons are so beautiful to me. I hope that you are enjoying the beginning of your spring season as well!

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Shawn said...

we are so ready for spring too!