Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I just experienced the sensation that happens to your body when you smell sour Buttermilk.

David and I don't really clean out our fridge very often, and I used this Buttermilk (that had not expired, by the way) on some chicken, but it smelled so bad that I had to throw it out. I guess that the milk had turned since I opened it on Saturday? Or does Buttermilk actually smell like that?

I'm making David's favorite dish for supper: rice pilaf. I don't know if I should feel complimented by its being his favorite dish because it is the simplest thing that I make. I wish that his favorite dish would be something that required more effort than undoing a can or two. But oh well, I suppose. The dish is a layered dish: start with onions, the mixed veggies (frozen), then brown rice and lentils. After all of these ingredients are in the cooking dish, I cover it with some chicken broth and cream of mushroom soup (I usually use two cans). And then I add enough water that I think will be necessary to cook the rice.

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Anonymous said...

Now that our family is so small and it takes us so long to finish a gallon of milk, I have noticed that it always seems to go bad before the expiration date. When I throw milk down the drain I fondly remember all the years when we all drank five gallons every week!
Just yesterday my mom was telling people what a picky eater Davey used to be, but that now that he is married he is an adventurous eater. I guess it is your great cooking!