Monday, March 24, 2008


Our Easter was great! On Friday, we started to dig in our yard to make a garden, but our neighbors saw us and offered to let us borrow their rototiller, so we did and David tilled a garden for us. It was great! We left that afternoon for David's parents' house. That night was fun: his mom had his two grandmothers over for supper and we went to Good Friday services, where David and I read the parts of Caiaphas and Veronica, respectively.

On Saturday we had lunch with David's mom's side of the family and then left to go meet my aunt and her family for supper, which was a lot of fun. I love being with my cousins because we always laugh so hard together. I really feel lucky to be so close to my cousins and hope that our children are close to theirs as well.

Finally, on Sunday, we went to my grandparents' house and had lunch, which was tasty and also a lot of fun. David kind of got roped into praying by me and my brother, and he did a magnificent job. After having lunch and saying our good-byes, we came back home.
I have pictures to post but those have to wait for tomorrow as I need to go and do the dishes!

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Kathy said...

A parishioner asked Tom who that girl was who lectored at Stations with Davey, and Tom was proud to say you are our new daughter-in-law. Lenny said you did a great job. Sorry to say, I don't think he mentioned Davey's performance!