Monday, March 17, 2008


Today is my birthday! I absolutely love my birthday because it is on St. Patrick's Day. Having a birthday on a holiday is so much fun, especially when the holiday is a really fun one (I mean, who would want a birthday on like Columbus Day or something?). It also helps that my mom's side of the family is Irish (St. Patrick's Day was my mom's mom's favorite holiday, and apparently she loved to really go all out for it, so I try to follow in her footsteps) so it makes for a really fun day!

This weekend we quickly went home for a day and had the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal with my parents, brother, and his girlfriend. After we got back, David and I met up with our friends Matt and Jolene, and went to a fun Irish pub here in town, and that was a ton of fun.

Somehow it seems that my birthday is celebrated most of the month of March, however, because my friend Colleen and I always have a joint birthday party, and this hardly ever falls on my actual birthday. Earlier this month we had our party at my house, which was a ton of fun. It was great fun to see some of my old friends again:
My friend Alan even came all the way from Oklahoma!
And some law school buddies and my friend Rach drove not so long of a way:
That night we went to a place that had karaoke, which was so much fun! I had only tried it once before, but this was so much bun because we sang songs in big groups together. Let me tell you: "Kung Fu Fighting" isn't the best karaoke song ever. The words looked like this on the screen:

Whoo whoo whoo whoo
whoo whoo whoo whoo
whoo whoo whoo whoo
whoo whoo whoo whoo

It was hilarious. So I have already had a great birthday, and today (or tomorrow) I am going to work on my big brief for school that is due this week, and hopefully have a fun date with David!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everybody! Don't forget to wear green!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
It was good to see Jolene and Rachel along with your picture.
Have a great month of celebration.

Rachel said...

happy B-day Ab!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Abbie. I hope you are having a fun day. It's nice that
David was able to take the day off to celebrate with you.

kisa said...

Happy birthday, my love!

Shawn said...

Happy Birthday!