Friday, March 21, 2008


My friend Julie came here one day and mentioned that every married lady needs to know how to make a cake. Now, this is especially funny because Jules isn't really Betty Crocker herself, but we all try, I guess. Haha.

But anyway, I took that comment to heart. Baking always kind of daunted me because I knew that so many things can happen that would make it go wrong. For instance, the humidity could be a little off. The humidity?! How in the world am I supposed to control the weather? Or even know what it is and what the perfect conditions are for baking? So I just gave up there, usually.

Also, another issue is that I enjoy altering recipes. While I am making the recipes. This doesn't work with baking. Adding chocolate chips just doesn't cut it when you are making a meringue. And all those times that I helped my grandma bake? I guess I was too busy trying to steal licks from the spoons or something.

So anyway, I recognized that I needed a bit of help. That's where my friend Ashley came in, who enjoys baking and knows the tricks of the trade.

I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and it turned out really well. The taste and texture were perfect, and I didn't even have a sifter! (I think Ashley found that to be a little weird, but we ended up sifting the dry ingredients by hand.)

We made everything from scratch, which was really cool. We even made the buttercream icing from scratch! Here is the finished product:

My dad says it was better than a bakery cake. David called it a culinary triumph. Really, I think I should spare you the details of what actually went IN the cake, because your arteries may clog from just reading the words.

I turned in my brief yesterday, which was an awesome feeling. Last night we went out to dinner with some friends, which was a great way to relax.

Today we are heading to David's mom's house and then tomorrow we are heading to my house for the Easter festivities. I hope that you all have a great Good Friday and Easter celebration (or a great weekend in case you don't celebrate Easter!).


Sarah said...

That cake looks delicious! I wish I had been there to partake.

Julie said...

Abs, I am very proud of you for making a cake from scratch, I have to say that's something that I will probably never learn to do.
And I would like to put my comments into context-I have a cooking tip of the day calendar and one day my tip was that everyone needs to learn how to make at least one cake from scratch because they are soooo much better than box mixes, and I was sharing how ridiculous I thought that was because (as Abbie mentioned) I am less than a wiz in the kitchen and pretty much have no hope of every being able to tackle a feat such as this.
And Abs, next time I visit, I expect you to make this cake for me! hahah ;)

Josh said...

I expect one as well. Thursday.