Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sorry for the long absence. It isn't like I have been totally busy: after all, I was on spring break. But I didn't really want to update a ton. Maybe I needed a spring break from updating!

This past week has been wonderful. I LOVED not having any class. On Monday and Tuesday I just lazed around the house and got my hair done. On Wednesday I went to St. Louis with a friend and shopped, and then on Wednesday night David and I went to the Lake for a mini-vacay, which was fun. It was nice to get away fro a while, but we ended up coming home a day early just because we wanted to spend time at home.

On Friday, we headed to our old college town and enjoyed seeing friends at our old fraternity's Alumni weekend. It was a very fun reunion. Last night the fraternity hosted a formal, so we went to that and then came home today. Tonight I can't decide if I want to work on homework and catch up a bit more or if I want to enjoy the last tiny bit of my break and relax. Relaxing sounds so enticing that I think that I may pick that option! Happy Sunday!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Our Easter was great! On Friday, we started to dig in our yard to make a garden, but our neighbors saw us and offered to let us borrow their rototiller, so we did and David tilled a garden for us. It was great! We left that afternoon for David's parents' house. That night was fun: his mom had his two grandmothers over for supper and we went to Good Friday services, where David and I read the parts of Caiaphas and Veronica, respectively.

On Saturday we had lunch with David's mom's side of the family and then left to go meet my aunt and her family for supper, which was a lot of fun. I love being with my cousins because we always laugh so hard together. I really feel lucky to be so close to my cousins and hope that our children are close to theirs as well.

Finally, on Sunday, we went to my grandparents' house and had lunch, which was tasty and also a lot of fun. David kind of got roped into praying by me and my brother, and he did a magnificent job. After having lunch and saying our good-byes, we came back home.
I have pictures to post but those have to wait for tomorrow as I need to go and do the dishes!

Friday, March 21, 2008


My friend Julie came here one day and mentioned that every married lady needs to know how to make a cake. Now, this is especially funny because Jules isn't really Betty Crocker herself, but we all try, I guess. Haha.

But anyway, I took that comment to heart. Baking always kind of daunted me because I knew that so many things can happen that would make it go wrong. For instance, the humidity could be a little off. The humidity?! How in the world am I supposed to control the weather? Or even know what it is and what the perfect conditions are for baking? So I just gave up there, usually.

Also, another issue is that I enjoy altering recipes. While I am making the recipes. This doesn't work with baking. Adding chocolate chips just doesn't cut it when you are making a meringue. And all those times that I helped my grandma bake? I guess I was too busy trying to steal licks from the spoons or something.

So anyway, I recognized that I needed a bit of help. That's where my friend Ashley came in, who enjoys baking and knows the tricks of the trade.

I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, and it turned out really well. The taste and texture were perfect, and I didn't even have a sifter! (I think Ashley found that to be a little weird, but we ended up sifting the dry ingredients by hand.)

We made everything from scratch, which was really cool. We even made the buttercream icing from scratch! Here is the finished product:

My dad says it was better than a bakery cake. David called it a culinary triumph. Really, I think I should spare you the details of what actually went IN the cake, because your arteries may clog from just reading the words.

I turned in my brief yesterday, which was an awesome feeling. Last night we went out to dinner with some friends, which was a great way to relax.

Today we are heading to David's mom's house and then tomorrow we are heading to my house for the Easter festivities. I hope that you all have a great Good Friday and Easter celebration (or a great weekend in case you don't celebrate Easter!).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I had a great, relaxing day, but this week my appellate brief is due for school so I have been super busy. I probably won't be able to update until Friday morning or so, and then we are off to our Easter weekend!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Today is my birthday! I absolutely love my birthday because it is on St. Patrick's Day. Having a birthday on a holiday is so much fun, especially when the holiday is a really fun one (I mean, who would want a birthday on like Columbus Day or something?). It also helps that my mom's side of the family is Irish (St. Patrick's Day was my mom's mom's favorite holiday, and apparently she loved to really go all out for it, so I try to follow in her footsteps) so it makes for a really fun day!

This weekend we quickly went home for a day and had the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal with my parents, brother, and his girlfriend. After we got back, David and I met up with our friends Matt and Jolene, and went to a fun Irish pub here in town, and that was a ton of fun.

Somehow it seems that my birthday is celebrated most of the month of March, however, because my friend Colleen and I always have a joint birthday party, and this hardly ever falls on my actual birthday. Earlier this month we had our party at my house, which was a ton of fun. It was great fun to see some of my old friends again:
My friend Alan even came all the way from Oklahoma!
And some law school buddies and my friend Rach drove not so long of a way:
That night we went to a place that had karaoke, which was so much fun! I had only tried it once before, but this was so much bun because we sang songs in big groups together. Let me tell you: "Kung Fu Fighting" isn't the best karaoke song ever. The words looked like this on the screen:

Whoo whoo whoo whoo
whoo whoo whoo whoo
whoo whoo whoo whoo
whoo whoo whoo whoo

It was hilarious. So I have already had a great birthday, and today (or tomorrow) I am going to work on my big brief for school that is due this week, and hopefully have a fun date with David!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everybody! Don't forget to wear green!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Much stress

This morning my sweet scroodle (Thorina) stayed in my bedroom as I was taking a shower and thought that maybe she could to dig to China and back (just for fun), so she found the nearest window-herb-box full of dirt and proceeded to dig a huge hole. Currently the dirt is on the floor of our bedroom as I was in too much of a hurry to clean it up before school this morning.

Does anybody want to come and clean it up for me?! Oh no, don't volunteer all at once!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I just experienced the sensation that happens to your body when you smell sour Buttermilk.

David and I don't really clean out our fridge very often, and I used this Buttermilk (that had not expired, by the way) on some chicken, but it smelled so bad that I had to throw it out. I guess that the milk had turned since I opened it on Saturday? Or does Buttermilk actually smell like that?

I'm making David's favorite dish for supper: rice pilaf. I don't know if I should feel complimented by its being his favorite dish because it is the simplest thing that I make. I wish that his favorite dish would be something that required more effort than undoing a can or two. But oh well, I suppose. The dish is a layered dish: start with onions, the mixed veggies (frozen), then brown rice and lentils. After all of these ingredients are in the cooking dish, I cover it with some chicken broth and cream of mushroom soup (I usually use two cans). And then I add enough water that I think will be necessary to cook the rice.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Tonight David and I went to the Home Depot. When we were in college, we found the Home Depot to be really, really boring and could not understand why anybody would want to spend time in the store. Now that we own a house, we find ourselves spending hours walking around, thinking of new projects to start.

Tonight was no exception. We decided to go to the Home Depot and look at blinds. We walked out of the store with a ton of gardening supplies. So tonight, I decided to try planting some window herbs. But instead of actually being in a window, they are on our kitchen floor, planted in window boxes.

Well, everything was working out really well and I was excited about our new herbs that I could practically taste in my mouth, until the menace came. It looked something like this: Sigh. Thorina thinks that I planted the seeds in dirt boxes for her own personal enjoyment. And while I am sure that digging holes and playing in the dirt is really fun, I really wish that she would not do it for a while. Sigh.

Friday, March 07, 2008

New month, new layout

I chose this picture this month because it was taken in Rome, and I went to Rome with David two years ago in March. Sometimes I really miss being in Europe (maybe we will have to fix that soon?), and my pictures remind me of some of the really great times I had while studying abroad.

David came and visited me for ten days while I was there, and I remember being SO EXCITED to see him again. When he arrived at the airport and hugged me, I was trembling in happiness. He often still reminds me of this when I get mad at him now for not doing the dishes or taking out the trash. :) We went to Rome together while he visited and it was absolutely beautiful. We got lost numerous times, saw a lot of really interesting people, and had a blast.

Not only did I learn a lot about a different culture and have great experiences while I was abroad, I also learned a lot about myself, including that I wanted to marry David. The fact that I was in a beautiful continent and missing him so much that I was extremely homesick every day made it pretty clear to me that I wanted to be with him forever. I would say that going away from him and having a lot of time to sort through my goals in life was probably the best thing for our relationship together. Before studying abroad, I thought that I would not marry until my late twenties. I really wanted to give myself time to be me, without the hindrance of always being defined by my spouse.

Now I realize that marriage is almost opposite of what I expected: instead of being defined by each other, we help each other define ourselves. We are still two distinct individuals: I have my law school and the craziness that goes along with that, and he has his job and his tutoring for local college kids. Our interests are not even really the same: he loves to read fantasy and play computer games and I love to play the piano and draw.

It is weird how a little trip to Rome can help you realize all of these things. I still remember the fountain in the picture: I kept crouching down to get the shot of the water rushing around, and later that night we saw another fountain and both said at the same time, "isn't water amazing?" It is beautiful, isn't it?

Thursday, March 06, 2008


I love March and think that it is my favorite month. I love it because it is my birthday month and also the month centered around the coolest holiday in the world, St. Patrick's Day. But it is also a very wonderful month because it signals the start of spring.

This week has been a prime example of why I love March--spring is trying to come (very slowly). This weekend, David and I enjoyed bike rides, runs, and walks around our neighborhood. We love being able to take walks at night with Pax. This outdoor time could not have come a moment too soon: feeling the sunshine is so wonderful after having winter is so invigorating. We were talking last weekend about the seasons, and how we are always ready for summer and for the fun outdoor activities, and we always enjoy winter with skiing, snow days, and the beautiful outdoor scene, but we especially never tire of fall or spring. The beauty that both seasons provide is fantastic, and it is so interesting to me that the beauty comes at a time of hopefulness for growth (spring) and then a time of saying goodbye to a season of growth (fall).

Soon we will prepare to plant flowers and perhaps a little garden. We will start planning our summer house projects and our summer runs. In doing so, we will say goodbye to a season of rest and slumber.

The cycles of our seasons are so beautiful to me. I hope that you are enjoying the beginning of your spring season as well!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Barrister's Ball

Every year, the law school has a Barrister's Ball, where everybody dresses up and dances the night away! David and I had a wonderful time this year and can't wait to go again next year. Here are so pictures from the event. Above is Thorina, who checked out my outfit and gave her approval. Below, my date and I:
Full length shot:
Finally, Chelsea (one of my law school friends) and I:
I didn't get as many pictures taken as I wanted, but oh well. At least I am finally posting them! (The ball was two weeks ago.)