Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy to be coffee-free!

It has been over a month since I enjoyed my last cup of coffee. Recently I gave up even fun coffees. Do I miss it? Yes--the memory of how good it tasted comes back to me sometimes and I really just want to have a tiny taste, but so far my will has won over my taste buds. Last week I also gave up caffeinated tea, which is doable so far. I feel tired during the day sometimes, but now I am able to fall asleep in ten to fifteen minutes (whereas when I was drinking coffee, it took me at least thirty minutes). There is a noticeable difference in my sleeping habits.

Does this mean that I will give up coffee completely? Probably not. After a while, I hope to be able to enjoy the high-end coffee drinks for treats again, but I really want to stay off coffee every day for a while at least. It is weird: I feel like my body really struggled with the less caffeine/no caffeine rules, but now it seems like I never really want coffee in the mornings anymore.

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