Saturday, January 26, 2008


Our friend Matt is visiting us for the weekend and last night we went over to a friend's house and played a Wii. Now, before last night, I thought that Wiis were probably pretty boring and that I would never want one, but OH MY GOSH it was so much fun!!

I played boxing, bowling, and Dancing with the Stars. One good thing about playing a Wii is that you get somewhat of a workout while doing it---Dancing with the Stars left me a little tired after finishing a few of the professional rounds.

So, now I want to get a Wii, of course. Too bad they are going for a very expensive rate---does anybody want to give me theirs?


Kathy said...

This sounds like a good commercial for Wiis, although I still don't think I want one!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the Wii
a couple of our grandchildren got one for Christmas and they brought it to our house new years day its fun for all ages. I am very good at bowling on a Wii not so good at the alley.
You really do need one our daughter inlaw thought the twins needed one they are now 2 months old. Guess you know where she was coming from she really liked it.
Have great week.

Sarah said...

We were just talking about getting a Wii!

Peter said...

At least they are cheaper than the other new systems.