Monday, January 28, 2008


So I still have not convinced David to get a Wii. I think he is imagining this: we buy it and then play with it for, uh, three days, and then get tired of buying the games for it, and then it is wasted. I don't know how to convince him otherwise, because in the back of my mind, I kind of agree. But they are still awesome.

Incidentally, David is home sick today with a cold. I feel sorry for him because he seems so miserable. I went to the store today and got him Tylenol Cold, Vitamin C, and Vicks rub, so hopefully the Vitamins will help his immune system enough to help him. And guess who is not sick after living in the house all weekend with the sickly fellow? That's right: me! I guess we know who has the better immune system. :)

This weekend David had to run a few errands and came home with fluorescent light bulbs. Now, I understand the greatness that supposedly comes from having these bulbs, including the incredible amount of time they go before burning out and the incredible amount of money you save with these things, but our house now has a light blue glow about it in the evenings. It looks like a spaceship, and even David agrees that we should maybe move them to a less-used location and then get others of a different color.

Today I am making Swiss Steak in the Crock-Pot. Seriously, my Crock-Pot was such a great buy for me: I use it all the time. It smells so tasty right now that I just want to go and eat the meat, but that would not be a good idea as it is still raw, so alas, I must wait.


Kathy said...

Tom has been sick the past two days too, and I am thinking the same thing as you are: I take such good care of myself, I won't get sick!
Those light bulbs are an acquired taste. You will soon get used to them. When Tom replaced all the bulbs in our house, I took our old regular bulbs to my library and gave them to my customers.
My house smells delicious as well because I am baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for company we are expecting this weekend!

Sarah said...

We switched to all CFLs a couple years ago, and I remember not liking them at first. I don't notice them at all anymore though. I think it depends on the kind you get. I know that some of them at my mom and dad's house have a delay when you turn them on, but none of ours do. Also, we bought some CFLs for our Christmas tree, and they were obnoxious. They looked terrible next to our regular tree lights.

Julie said...

the dinner sounds delicious!!! could you maybe send me the recipe sometime, assuming it turned out alright?

Shawn said...

Yum that sounds so good! We have just switched too it is wierd at first how they come on but we will get used to it. Dont put them on a dimmer switch though!!

Mrs. Haid said...

Hey, did you get the Wii? I want to know!!