Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ho Hum

Today I was home sick. If anybody is good at being sick, it is me. I am especially good at the "playing the invalid" part and "having a meek little voice" part. But seriously, I did not feel well. This morning I slept and then drug myself to school for two classes, and this afternoon I slept again.

I recently uploaded more pictures from my camera to my computer and didn't post any because, really, how many pictures of my cat do you want, but decided to go ahead and post some anyway because my pets are so darn cute.

Here we were attempting to get a cute Valentine's Day picture of our pets:
Note the absence of a cat and a dog: oh wait, that is them, a la blur, moving out of the picture.

Here we at least have the dog, although the cat is clawing him:
I got so frustrated with Thorina that I wrapped her in my childhood blankie to make her not attack people and other mammals. So behold: the resulting Valentine's Day picture:
Don't worry: I'm not actually going to send that to family and friends.

Just to prove to you that my cat is good sometimes, here is an incredibly cute picture of her:

Thorina and Pax snuggled with me in bed today when I was sick. How sweet is that?

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Shawn said...

I love your animal photos those are so cute! We have a few of my stepmom's cat swinging at annie. hehe love your blanket around your kitty, priceless :)